Grumman TBF Avenger/General Motors TBM Avenger

#USA #USNavy #military #history - The unassuming three-seater (pilot, radioman/bombadier, gunner) Grumman TBF Avenger/General Motors TBM Avenger torpedo bomber that's suspended from the ceiling hangs next to an SBD, B-17, Corsair, B-25 and P-51 in the World War II Museum in New Orleans' Boeing Gallery.  TBF and TBM were the same aircraft except the TBF was made by Grumman and TBM was made by General Motors.

The TBF Avenger had a 1,000 mile range, 2,000 pound internal bomb load, could carry underwing rockets and had four machine guns (3 x .50 and 1 x .30).  Max speed 276 mph, but cruising speed of 147 mph.

First flew at Midway.  Most produced carrier aircraft.  World War II workhorse of #USN and #RoyalNavy.

Writes Mark Morgan, "Interesting situation: the TBF/TBM went on to fully replace the TBD and served long, well and effectively. The SB2C, which replaced the SBD in VS and VB squadrons had a lot of issues and never overcame the fame and accomplishments of the Dauntless.  According to Bill Kilgrain's "Color Schemes and Markings of U.S. Navy Aircraft 1911-1950," (Victoria, BC: self published, 1973), USS Bennington (CV-20). The assigned air group was CVG-82 so this is a VT-82 TBM-3."  And Tom Booth adds, "The TBM was a tough bird like the P-47 that could take a beating and return."