Photos of German Messerschmitt Me-163 

The Messerschmitt Me-163 was technically a rocket, not a jet.  Messerschmitt Me-163, perhaps the most overhyped fighter/interceptor in history. Still, flawed as it was, stunning for its innovation.  This page starts with the extraordinary Arado A234 Blitz.

The Me-163 shot down something like 9 bombers in exchange for 16 losses (largely self-inflicted). Its range was about 60 miles: 30 propelled and 30 glide. The fame and psychological impact of the Me-163 was disproportionately greater than other types. Many of these super-weapons advanced technology, but the resources would have been better spent on, say, more FW-190D/Ta-152 or late Me-109 types. What do you think?