Narayan Sengupta

I write history books.  I've loved airplanes, ships, tanks, etc. forever and have photographed them for decades.  I hope you'll enjoy these photos to give you virtual tours of museums and airplanes to tide you over until you get there yourself.  Bookmark this site, join our email list and/or check back since there will be more soon.  This site has been made so much better by the contributions of those who are below.  Have photos you want to submit? Please email me.

Mark Morgan

Mark Morgan is an Air Force brat and US Navy veteran who currently serves as a Federal historian. He got into military aviation history research, writing and photography, 35 years ago and to date has written or contributed to five books, including a history of the Nike missile system and US Army Air Defense Command, and an operational history of “his” aircraft, the A-6E Intruder. In and around his other pursuits which include British sports cars, he is currently writing a history of Air Defense Command. 

David P. Murphy

Technical Writer 1974-1976 McLaughlin Research / Worked on USN manual updates.  Scenario Development 1983-1984 IBM / IV&V for two tactical trainers. English Teacher 1984-1986 Ankara, Turkey / Taught English. Proofreading 1986-1987 PRC Systems / Updating Navy Documentation for C3. Weapon Systems Analyst 1987-2002 / Delex Systems / Analyses & Scenarios. FMS Licensing Analyst 2002-2015 / Primary customer: USN 

Tom Cooper

Tom has been researching, analysing and writing about little-known air forces and their air wars for roughly 30 years. Core interests are air forces and air wars in the Middle East (Iran, Iraq, Syria), Northern and Sub-Saharan Africa, equipment-related and combat as well as operational experiences.  You can also find him on  

Roy Grinnell

Roy is an internationally known aviation artist. You can find more of his beautiful work at  Special thanks to his wife Irene Grinnell, Art Director, Roy Grinnell Art Gallery.

Mark F. Pharo

Mark F. Pharo is a life-long aviation enthusiast and archaeologist, Mark has studied and visited historic sites from all periods of time with particular focus towards WWII and Cold War history. His hobbies include museum work and he collects and preserves aviation artifacts. His current projects include restoring an F-84F forward fuselage, cockpit and radar system, Finding parts for his B-47 cockpit and saving and restoring historic aviation artifacts. 

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