Douglas AD Skyraider

#military #aviation #history - The Douglas Skyraider is a tremendously impressive aircraft. It's just so big for a single prop airplane. There are some Skyraiders on display. One is at #PlanesOfFame in Arizona. The one with the black nose top marked 405 is at the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola and I the one marked "3" is at the battleship Alabama.  505 is on board CV Yorktown at Patriot's Point by Charleston, South Carolina.

Mark Morgan adds, "There are a bunch in the US, including 14-15 flying examples. [Number 409 is] AD-4NA 126997, ex-lArmee de l'Air, marked for VA-176 with bogus "JC" tail code, which corresponds to VX-3. AD-6/A-1H 135300 is on display at the NMNA, NAS Pensacola, ex-VA-55, VA-115, VA-145, VA-52, retired in 1968 following assignment VA-115, with VA-25; the museum also has AD-5Q/EA-1F 132532."

Says Dave Murphy, "The A-1J were the only Skyraiders wired to drop special weapons."