Martin AM-1 Mauler

DougThis Martin AM-1 Mauler is at the Naval Aviation Museum in Penscola, Florida.  Note its resemblance to the Douglas AD Skyraider.  The two aircraft definitely look like they came from the same design constraints.  

Mark Morgan comments on the AM-1 Mauler, writing, "Martin AM-1 Mauler, No 122397. The nickname was "Able Mable" although most personnel who worked with the type declared "Mable Wasn't Too Able." Back then, the services regularly bought two (or more) competing designs for specific missions, as a backup; as it turned out, Douglas' AD Skyraider was a much better attack bird and the AM-1 was quickly relegated to the reserves. The NMNA's example is marked for NAS Atlanta, unfortunately I don't have the squadron. Four other AM-1s survive."

Dave P. Murphy also comments, writing, "The AM Mauler was the less successful competitor from Martin for a carrier-borne Attack Aircraft. The winner from Douglas was what became known as the AD Skyraider and it went forth in a long host of different variants. The Mauler in the photograph is marked as being in Naval Reserve unit based in NAS Atlanta."