Photos of the Concorde

SSTs are still so amazing and beautiful. First in the sky was the Soviet Tu-144 (not pictured because I haven’t photographed it yet)! Boeing's B-2707 SST would have been stunning. And Le Bourget's Air and Space Museum has two Concordes in one hangar. Udvar-Hazy has one. New York’s CV Intrepid has one. So does #CDG #Paris.  Most of the photos are from Le Bourget, but the last four photos are of the one at Udvar-Hazy.

Concorde! So futuristic 50 years ago and now too. While beaten into the air by the larger, more powerful Tu-144, Concorde was quieter, more reliable and put in true service for thousands of flights. Le Bourget has not one but two Concordes including the prototype with bigger windows, etc.