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You can download directly from the links below. There is no other server or anything else to go through.

Please see Home | What's New to get the run down on all of the latest submissions. Note that I do not test everything that is here. If you have feedback on specific things that might help others, then please add that to the Guest Book. Also be sure to thank the people that have made some of these downloads. They work for encouragement and praise!

If you wish to submit anything, then please read the Submissions page first please.


Always read the README file first! It may not be named "README", but should at least include "README" in the name of the .txt file.

File Size Summary Author/Moderator Other or Posted Skill Notes
PGIII Update 370 kb v.1.0 Tomo Pauk 10/02/07 The PG3SE instalation needs to have both 'Customisation' packages (main and update) from Steve Farrell's site ( No other upgrade for the PG3SE exists but Steve's ones.

Steve has converted PG3DA campaigns for the SE engine, including them in the 'main' (the 120MB file) package. Since I've changed many of equipment stats, that would be visible in the converted PG3DA campaigns. So, stock PG3DA would not benefited by my update.

All the icons demanded by 'Pauk' e-file are included (the .bmz files). The 3D models and other multimedia are existing ones (from both PG3 versions).
PGIII Equipment Editor 140 kb v.1.3 Tapio Stenfors 02/05/02 New version adds filtering.
PGIII String Editor 10 kb v.1.0 Steve Farrell 01/18/02 A new utility from Steve!
PGIII Campaign Editor 75 kb BETA Tapio Stenfors 01/29/02 A new utility from Tapio!
PGIII Campaign Editor 25 kb v.1.2 Steve Farrell 01/31/02 Now you can edit campaigns!
PGIII Zone Editor 175 kb v.1.0 Steve Farrell 01/28/02 This lets you edit existing zone locations or create new zones.
PGIII Scenario Editor 50 kb BETA Tapio Stenfors 01/23/02 A new utility from Tapio!
PGIII Map Editor 50 kb BETA Tapio Stenfors 01/23/02 A new utility from Tapio!
PGIII Image Editor 90 kb v.1.0 Steve Farrell 01/18/02 View and convert images!
PG3 SE v.1.1 Patch 1.4 mb SSI 11/16/01 SSI's patch annotated by Dirk Cremer
Campaign Design 450 kb Mike Hawkins 11/13/01 Lots of info from Johan Pieterse and Philip Nelson.
Steve Farrell's New PGIII Site! Steve Farrell Steve has converted PG3D scenarios to PGIII SE!
Official SSI PGIII Home SSI
PGIII Central Link Steve Farrell More great PGIII tools from Steve Farrell...
Mastering Panzer General III: Scorched Earth Link Richard Bird 12/16/02 Excellent PG3 site by Richard Bird.

Please contact me, Narayan Sengupta at the address in the footer below, if you have anything else you wish to add to this list.

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