Cold War General
Cold War General
Cold War General
Cold War General

Cold War General is out for Allied General. NOTE: We also have great Cold War Games from HPS Simulations. See here. But for Cold War General, keep reading...

Cold War General

It is currently compatible with fantastic East Front Soviet campaign. To make it that way, I started overwriting WWII units with corresponding Cold War units. I had to be quite consistent in what I was overwriting. In other words, overwriting a Pz I with a Leopard II would mean Leopard II's showing up all over the place a few years too early.

So the Soviet I-16 will now be a Soviet MiG-15. The Soviet IS-2 tank is now a Soviet T-80. A Tiger II is now a Challenger tank.

The Americans, British, French, Italians, Spanish and Germans will be played by the Germans. And so on.

But once I did that, I decided that I wanted to vary it a bit more than that, so in some cases, static ATs, for instance are now tanks. So if you play the Finland scenario now, there are Finnish T-72 tanks that come rushing out to greet you. And watch out for the Finn air force!

Air movement has been recalibrated along a 31 hex per turn scale. Initiatives are running as high as 15 so far (US Marines 1983). The Su-27 has a AA of about 30. The F-117 has an AD of around 27. (A lot of these will get rebalanced over time.)

Other units that are included are:

USA: M-60, M-1, M-109, US Rangers, M113, MIM Hawk, A-10, F-16, F-15, F-4
France: AMX-30B2, Mirage F.1, French Foreign Legion, GCT, F3, AMX-13
Germany: Leopard II, LARS, F-104, M109, various infantry
Britain: Nimrod, Ghurkas, Tornado, Chieftain, Challenger
Spain: Spanish Infantry, 1979
Italy: Leopard I
NATO: Jaguar, Naval Task Force
USSR: MiG-29, Su-27, T-72, T-64, T-55, T-54, IS-10, Spetsnaz, MiG-23, MiG-17, MiG-19, MiG-25, MiG-31, Su-24, Su-25, Tu-160, CV Kiev Battle Group

I have had to keep the stock icons and try to use some logic in representing what is what. So a BT-5/7 icon is now a T-34/85. The IS-2 icon is now a T-80. The King Tiger II is now an M-1 and so on.

To start off with, the only campaign that will be playable will be the Soviet one. The dates don't change, of course, so everything will still show 1939 to 1945, but we'll pretend that it's 1979 to 1985.

If this works and if there is any support for it, then I will be tempted to make the American and British campaigns also "Cold War".

NOTE: The money from your purchase goes to keeping this site up and making the other downloads available to you. If you don't already have the game (which you need to use this equipment file), you can get it from the Underdogs for FREE, here: Allied General @ the Underdogs NOTE: We also have great Cold War Games from HPS Simulations. See here.

File Size Author/Moderator Date Posted Skill Notes
Cold War General for AG 1.0 40 kb Narayan Sengupta 05/24/2005 $14.95 Here is the Cold War Equipment File for Allied General and Panzer General.

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For those of you that don't know, I have been working in a big way on something new over the past several weeks: Cold War General.

Cold War General will be set in the years 1987 to 1997, at least initially. I had to pick a 10 year period because of the scenario/battle generators that I have available to me, and both years had to end with "7" as that is something most of the scenario/battle generators do. Choosing 1977 to 1987 would have missed out on a bunch of great equipment. As I can get past this limitation, the equipment and the available time period will increase as well back into the 70s and 80s. I have selected the 1987 to 1997 time period because of the interesting amount of equipment that extends into some of the state of the art - such as stealth - equipment of the present. It will also gives the players and scenario designers the ability to transition through various "new era" scenarios, such as siding the Russians and Americans against the Chinese, etc.

Although this aforementioned time period is not strictly the Cold War, I have yet to think of a better title, though Modern General comes to mind. I would be grateful for any alternative suggestions.

The theater will be the entire world.

The game engines supported will, at least initially, be Pacific General, PG2 and PEG. I am not sure about which order in which I will roll these out. I am sure that it will take me longer than I would like!

Map scale will be approximately 10 miles/16 km per hex.

The nations involved will include: USA, UK, France, W. Germany/Germany, E. Germany, USSR/Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Benelux, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, India, Poland, Norway, Canada, the Balkans and other Warsaw Pact, Greece and other NATO, China, South Korea, North Korea, Japan, etc., for a total of 32 nations.

Just a bit of a progress report on Cold War General.

I've added about 600 units so far. These include:

  • SSBNs Ohio, Typhoon, Delta IV, Resolution
  • SSNs Rubis, Improved Los Angeles, Akula, Alfa, Han
  • SSs submarines, not the Germans, though some are both,
  • CVNs Nimitz, Enterprise, De Gaulle, Kuznetsov
  • CV Kiev, Clemanceau, Invincible, Viraat, Kitty Hawk
  • CGNs California, Truxtun
  • CGs Ticonderoga
  • CAs Sverdlov
  • DDs Arleigh Burke, Sheffield, Krivak, La Fayette, MEKO, O. H. Perry
  • MBTs Leopard 2A5s, M1s, T90s, Ariete, Merkava, Arjun, K1, LeClerc, PT-91
  • Bombers B-1, Tu-95, Mirage IVs, B-2
  • Recon Aurora, AWACs, JSTARS
  • Transport C-5, C-141, Condor, UH-1s
  • Fighters MiG-29s, F-14s, F-15s, Su-33, Eurofighter, Rafale, Viggen
  • Attack Harriers, Su-25, A-10s, F-16s, J-7s, MiG-27s, F-117s, AH-64s
  • Infantry M-2, M-113, BMD
  • AT Many...
  • AA SA-9, ZSUs, Gepard, Patriot, Hawk, Roland

    Some of the changes between this and some of the equipment files I have made in the past are:

    This is an all-new equipment file built from scratch. It allows for nuclear weapon fire. It will probably allow more ASW from aircraft. Great stand-off ranges of weapons representing ASM weapons such as the Tomahawk, Harpoon or Exocet Stand-off firing ranges increased for AA weapons, such as Phoenix missiles Stand-off firing ranges increased for Anti-Air weapons Multi-game support and usage

    More to follow soon...

    If you have any suggestions or encouragement, then now is the time. Please see the Cold War Campaigns here for further information: Strategic Command's 1985 Red Inferno Resurgent


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