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Panzer General 2 / Panzer General / Allied General / People's General Game Add Ons
Panzer General Campaign Pack
PG II Expansion Pack; 780 kb$16.95Narayan Sengupta
This Campaign Pack is the result of countless hours spent making these campaigns. It includes my new campaigns and improves several campaigns that came with Panzer General by SSI. Enjoy many extra touches, such as named roads and geographic features taking you to the heart of the action. You'll feel the dust driving on desert roads. The wind will chill you as you cross the Russian steppes. And you'll understand the fuss when attacking the Maginot Line because you're just that good. They all include a new improved equipment file. There are several medium and one hard campaign within this pack to give you hundreds of hours of joy. These campaigns which don't exist anywhere else.

NOTE: Your patronage helps keep this site up and running and helps me provide you freebies without creating a login, etc. I don't track anyone. So thank you for your support! :)

My favorite of the campaigns is The Reich Stuff. It is a hard campaign and has 24 scenarios. Germany takes on at various times USSR, also Italy, France, Spain (Nationalist), UK, US, Greece, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Rumania. Battlefields include Ebro River, Malta, Salerno, Normandy, Alaska, Windsor, Savannah, Oak Ridge, Novgorod, Klin, Budapest, Moscow and more. Includes naval combat too. Requires download of Toulon map. Includes required equipment file. "The variety of scenarios was also great, from huge maps with objectives all the way across the screen to little tightly packed Malta. And as a noobie to custom campaigns, I appreciated the fact that the download and file modifications were fairly straight forward... I am looking forward to your next campaign." - Janosik

You will like the other campaigns too!
***** People's General 2.0 Expansion Pack - 5 Great New Campaigns!!! Patches stock SSI campaigns
People's General 2.0 Expansion Pack 350 kb Narayan Sengupta $19.95
This People's General 2.0 Expansion Pack download took hundreds of hours to make. Worth $80, but I have kept the price low so you can afford and enjoy it. This campaign pack improves several campaigns that came with the stock People's General by SSI. These campaigns incorporate more units and icons than the stock game. Finally, the 9 stock campaigns are improved as well. This pack includes the fabulous PEG v.2.9 equipment file which I have spent hundreds of hours improving. Please see the extended description below for details.
"I have been playing the People's General campaign pack and have been enjoying it thoroughly." - Terry Masterson. "This mod has an amazing level of research and detail, numerous and varied new units, well written and designed scenarios and engrossing and addictive campaigns (can't stop playing Russia Resurgent). Between the re-vamped old campaigns and the new ones, the replay value of this expansion pack is enormous," writes Greg Veler.
***** Allied General/Panzer General v.1.7 Equipment File
Allied General/Panzer General v.1.740 kb Narayan Sengupta $9.95
Allied General v.1.7 includes a "New" Soviet campaign, a greatly tweaked equipment file, radical air movement that is much more realistic than that designed by SSI, campaign charts, etc.

This is altered and improved Equipment File and Campaign File for Allied General and the equipment file should work for Panzer General too. I have also done some analysis which allowed me to upgrade the Soviet Campaign path a bit. Now you'll be able to play almost all 17 of the Soviet scenarios if you play that campaign. I didn't even know the Korsun scenario existed until I did this. That was a pleasant surprise!

Now you'll be able to purchase long range Yak-9B fighter/bombers, Yak-9DD escort fighters, Yak-9T-37 tank busters, Yak-9U fighters, TU-2S bombers, T-44 tanks, T-44/100 tanks, GMC trucks, motorized regular troops. To keep play balanced, the new units are costly. I have also identified level bombing strength. So the IL-4 is now an IL-4 30 showing the level bombing strength of 30. The movement rates of combat aircraft have been corrected. Now the Me-262 can now move about 30 hexes per turn, creating a more interesting version of Allied General.

Cold War General

It is currently compatible with fantastic East Front Soviet campaign. To make it that way, I started overwriting WWII units with corresponding Cold War units. I had to be quite consistent in what I was overwriting. In other words, overwriting a Pz I with a Leopard II would mean Leopard II's showing up all over the place a few years too early.

So the Soviet I-16 will now be a Soviet MiG-15. The Soviet IS-2 tank is now a Soviet T-80. A Tiger II is now a Challenger tank.

The Americans, British, French, Italians, Spanish and Germans will be played by the Germans. And so on.

But once I did that, I decided that I wanted to vary it a bit more than that, so in some cases, static ATs, for instance are now tanks. So if you play the Finland scenario now, there are Finnish T-72 tanks that come rushing out to greet you. And watch out for the Finn air force!

Air movement has been recalibrated along a 31 hex per turn scale. Initiatives are running as high as 15 so far (US Marines 1983). The Su-27 has a AA of about 30. The F-117 has an AD of around 27. (A lot of these will get rebalanced over time.)

Other units that are included are:

USA: M-60, M-1, M-109, US Rangers, M113, MIM Hawk, A-10, F-16, F-15, F-4
France: AMX-30B2, Mirage F.1, French Foreign Legion, GCT, F3, AMX-13
Germany: Leopard II, LARS, F-104, M109, various infantry
Britain: Nimrod, Ghurkas, Tornado, Chieftain, Challenger
Spain: Spanish Infantry, 1979
Italy: Leopard I
NATO: Jaguar, Naval Task Force
USSR: MiG-29, Su-27, T-72, T-64, T-55, T-54, IS-10, Spetsnaz, MiG-23, MiG-17, MiG-19, MiG-25, MiG-31, Su-24, Su-25, Tu-160, CV Kiev Battle Group

I have had to keep the stock icons and try to use some logic in representing what is what. So a BT-5/7 icon is now a T-34/85. The IS-2 icon is now a T-80. The King Tiger II is now an M-1 and so on.

To start off with, the only campaign that will be playable will be the Soviet one. The dates don't change, of course, so everything will still show 1939 to 1945, but we'll pretend that it's 1979 to 1985.

If this works and if there is any support for it, then I will be tempted to make the American and British campaigns also "Cold War".

NOTE: The money from your purchase goes to keeping this site up and making the other downloads available to you. If you don't already have the game (which you need to use this equipment file), you can get it from the Underdogs for FREE, here: Allied General @ the Underdogs NOTE: We also have great Cold War Games from HPS Simulations. See here.

File Size Author/Moderator Date Posted Skill Notes
Cold War General for AG 1.0 40 kb Narayan Sengupta 05/24/2005 $14.95 Here is the Cold War Equipment File for Allied General and Panzer General.

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NOTES: The money from your purchase goes to keeping this site up and making the other FREE downloads available to you. These downloads have a 15 day 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. INSTALLATION: Always read the README file first! There is always lots of great information there.

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