Tank photos
Tank photos
Tank photos


This tank site has about 1,000 tank, self-propelled gun and other AFV photos.

Tanks include the following: Panther II tank, Sherman tank, Abrams tank, LeClerc tank, FT-17 tank, Somua S-35 tank, Char B1-bis tank, T-34/76 tank, T-34/85 tank, KV-1 tank, T-54 tank, IS-3 tank, Mark IV tank, Mark V tank, Renault R-35 tank, Grant tank, Leopard I tank, Panzer I tank, Panzer II, Panzer III tank, Panzer IV tank, Panzer V tank (Panther tank), Tiger tank, King Tiger tank, T-72M tank, Matilda, M7 Priest, Whippet tank, Valentine, Chieftain, Conqueror and the Stalin tank (IS-3 tank). It also includes a lot of tank destroyers including Jagdtiger, Jagdpanzer, StuG, SU-100, SU-76, SU-122, M-10, M-36 and many SP guns and even towed artillery.

Musee des Blindes, Saumur photo portfolio by Narayan Sengupta. The Musee des Blindes is located in Saumur, France.

Tanks and AFVs at the Musee des Blindes - Saumur, France

Musee des Blindes - Saumur - Home
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American Tanks at Saumur German Tanks at Saumur British Tanks at Saumur Soviet Tanks at Saumur French Tanks at Saumur Other Tanks at Saumur
M3, M8, M10, M24, Jeep, LVT4 M4 Tanks M26 Tanks M47, M48, M60 A7V, Pzkw II, Pzkw III, Pzkw IV, Schutzenpanzer Tiger tank King Tiger tank German Cold War tanks Matilda tank Churchill, Crusader, Centaur and Priest Centurion, Chieftain, Conqueror T-34 tank and T-34/85 tank KV-1 tanks SU-100 tank destroyer Russian Cold War Tanks T-72 Tanks Renault FT-17 tank St. Chamond Tank Schneider Tanks Renault R35 Hotchkiss H35 Hotchkiss H38 Somua S35 Char B1 bis Pluton AMX-40 tank ARL-44 tank AMX-50 tank AMX-30 tank French Cold War Tanks LeClerc MBT Italian Tanks: M15 and M42 Israeli Merkava Tank Swedish S Tanks Swiss Panzer Tanks

The following external links were submitted by Bill Hanna, who tells me that he has just bought a farm and opened holiday acommodation just a few minutes from Saumur for military enthusiasts.

www.lechapy.com - hotel/rental near Saumur www.mafva.net - Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicle Association

Photos from US Army Ordnance Museum/Aberdeen Proving Grounds

Photos of Tanks at the US Army Ordnance Museum


American tanks and vehicles

British tanks

Japanese tanks


Guns and Ammunition

Russian/Soviet tanks

German tanks and vehicles

French tanks and SPGs

Italian tanks and SPGs

Please email me for high resolution photos for publication. US Army Ordnance Museum/Aberdeen Proving Grounds photo portfolio by Narayan Sengupta.

Photos from Patton Tank Museum

Tanks at the Patton Tank Museum

Canadian War Museum - Tanks, Self-Propelled Guns and Other AFVs

Canadian AVGP Cougar - Canadian Grizzly tank - British Bren - British Chieftain tank - British Churchill tank - British Valentine tank - British Sexton SPG - British Staghound - French Renault FT tank - German WWI 8in Howitzer - German Jagdpanzer - German Leopard 2C tank - German Panther tank - German Panzer II tank - German Sturmgeschutz III - US M3 Lee tank - US M109 SPG - US M3 Lee tank - US M4A2 Sherman HVSS 76mm - US M4 Sherman V - Soviet T-34/85 tank - Soviet BRM-1K

Slapton Sands Sherman
Matilda at Bovington Tank Museum

Panzer General!
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