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Hearts of Iron II

The Devil's Alliance

I thought it was an interesting strategy...

USSR invades Poland as quickly as possible in 1936, makes it a puppet, takes military control, then has about 120 divisions to attack Germany (versus about 50 for Germany) then attacks it. But since the USSR doesn't have naval transports, it has to attack through Germany which means that Poland gets it all.

And then convert Germany to a puppet and taken on the world with the Devil's Alliance. The problem with this is that a as the Soviets, I cannot annex or puppetize Germany when Poland controls all of the territories.

Also 1.05 doesn't decrease dissent when Soviet traitors are purged. That's going to cost me a lot! :(

To assume, or not to assume, military control

I tend to leave them alone until I actually need them. Then I request and get military control. Military control costs 3 diplomatic points, by the way, so keep an eye on that in case you are low.

Another good thing to do with minor nations is to keep giving them technology, especially expensive and long time to research technology. There is little point in giving them advanced technology for non-army or intelligence related areas, however. - IR

Locking Sliders

They do stay locked if you double-click on them. However, numbers such as the consumer goods to keep the population happy will decrease monthly as war approaches and then decrease dramatically as soon as the war starts. - IR

Trade and Convoys

Check your reports (report #3) and you'll see what's being bought and what you are getting in return. You will have to micromanage your trades until there are enough goods in the world supply. And even then keep an eye out. The red trades are the ones that are NOT being filled. - IR

German Gambit

It's fun to try different scenarios. I pull it out every few months when I can't stand to write any more late at night.

As the Germans, I just tried a different gambit which involved the following:

1. Bring Spain to alliance before 9/1/1939.
2. Position submarines and all new surface vessels and transports in Spanish ports.
3. Position about 14 divisions outside of Gibraltar and several wolf-packs off coast of Alexandria.
4. As soon as war is declared, take Poland (as usual), but also hit Gibraltar and British surface fleet at Alexandria.
5. Keep after British surface fleet.
6. With Gibraltar taken, race into southern France. Start moving German units from Poland back to Western Front for Phoney War.
7. French AI will weaken Maginot Line forces to move to southern France.
8. Hit Belgium and then Northern France leaving Luxembourg and Holland alone.
9. British fleet is more or less weakened now. Strike across channel and take England. :)


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