French military victories
French military victories
French military victories
French military victories

French military victories

For French military history background, please see French military history. Voila the French military victories and losses list... [This is not a comprehensive list due constraints on my time. I also haven't counted civil wars or raids against civilian targets for the most part unless an army or navy was fielded by both sides.]

Special Significance
Location (Modern Location)
Gallic Wars
French military victory
387 BC
Allia - Gauls defeat the early Roman Empire and sack Rome
Near Rome (Italy)
French military victory
52 BC
Vercingetorix defeats Julius Caesar
Gergovia, Gaul (France)
French military loss
52 BC
Julius Caesar and the Romans defeat the Gauls
Gaul absorbed into Roman Empire.
Alesia, Gaul (France)
Gallo-Roman Period
French military victory
461 AD
Roman coalition including Gauls decisively defeats Attila
The Huns are defeated
Catalaunian Fields (Chalons, France)
Franks Ascendant - Clovis to Charlemagne
French military victory
486 AD
Kingdom of Roman Syagorius defeated by Clovis and the Franks
Franks take over northern Gaul
Novoidnum (Soissons, France)
French military victory
496 AD
Clovis defeats Alemanni
Frank border secured to Rhine
Tolbiac (near Strasbourg, France)
French military victory
507 AD
Clovis and the Franks defeat the Visigoths
Visigoths expelled from Gaul; Franks have southeastern Gaul
Vouille (near Poitiers, France)
French military loss
508 AD
Franks defeated by Ostrogoths
Franks driven out of Provence
Carcassonne (southern France)
French military victory
531 AD
Franks defeat Thuringians
? (France)
French military victory
533 AD
Franks defeat Burgundians
Burgundy absorbed by Franks
? (France)
French military victory
721 AD
Franks and Aquitanians defeat Arabs
near Toulouse, France
French military victory
732 AD
Franks defeat Arabs
Arab advance into Europe stopped.
Between Poitiers/Tours, France
French military victory
841 AD
Franks defeat Holy Roman Empire
Fontenoy (France)
Conquest of England
French military victory
1066 AD
French Normans conquer Britain
Normandy becomes British, but French culture added to Britain.
Hastings, England
The Crusades and Three Wars Against the British
French military victory
1096-99 AD
1st Crusade - French and others vs. Turks, etc.
Jerusalem, etc.
French military loss
1147-49 AD
2nd Crusade - French and others vs. Turks, etc.
Holy Land, etc.
French military loss
1188-92 AD
3rd Crusade - France, etc. vs. Turks
Holy Land
French military victory
1202-04 AD
4th Crusade - France, etc. vs. Byzantines
Constantinople sacked. French sit out next two Crusades.
Holy Land
French military victory
1212 AD
France vs. British (?), Flemish and Germans
British lose Normandy back to French.
Bouvines, France
French military victory
1242 AD
Saintonge War: France vs. British
British lose nothing since Louis wants to go on a Crusade.
Saintonge, France
French military loss
1248-54 AD
7th Crusade - France vs. Turks
Defeat for France.
Holy Land
French military tie
1270 AD
8th Crusade - France vs. Arabs
Inconclusive. French win some concessions. Louis IX dies.
North Africa
French military victory
1324 AD
War of Saint-Sardos: France vs. British
British lose a bit of Aquitaine.
Saint-Sardos, France

French Military Victories - Victories and Losses

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