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This is the beginning of a summary page for different campaigns, scenarios, tools, etc.

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  • PG2: WWII Conversion by Mark Kirby
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    File Author Summary
    v.1.9 Equipment FileNarayan Sengupta SUMMARY OF CHANGES for v.1.0 to v.1.8: We have added new units for more countries including Germany, UK, France, Australia, etc., so that now you can upgrade past the initially available units. For example, now you can upgrade the Foreign Legion to a Foreign Legion 2012 and then later to a Foreign Legion 2018! Some units have been balanced better and many have been more properly renamed (e.g. Tiger to Tigre HAC), etc. 258 (approx.) new units and some new icons too! For v.1.9, changed many statistics, such as stand-off range for most ground attack aircraft, added 20 new icons, and added 31 new units including SAS, new Mongolian and new Italian units. They are: Engineers '17, Engineers '10, Engineers, Engineers '03, Light Infantry, Light Infantry '06, Light Infantry '12, Leg Infantry, Type 85-IIAP, Type 80-II, T-80U, T-54 AVLB, Pz 66/68 (CH), Pz 68 AVLB (CH), Pz 68 Mk 5 (CH), M60 AVLB, M48H, YW 531b, BMP-1K, Strela, Type 85/90, CV 90 AT (S), CV 9025 IFV (S), MiG-21PFM/UM, Shenyang J-22, MiG-25 Foxbat, CVN Kiev, CG Ticonderoga, SAS, KH-179 155mm, MIM-23 Hawk.
    People's General GameSSI Download the full game other than the movie files.
    Return to StalingradPaolo Galbiati 01/01/2011. After years of war, Western Forces finally have stopped Chinese Advance. Now, after 69 years, German and Italian Troops return to Stalingrad, this time to help their Russian Ally to repulse Chinese Army from Stalingrad. Russian Forces will directly assault the city from East, while German and Italian Troops from South will have to first annhilate Mongol stronghold on the Don-Volga Canal, an then reunite to Russians to launch the final attack to West Stalingrad.
    PG2: WWII Conversion by MARK KIRBY

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