Foreign Language Primers

Language Primers

Due to the all of the wonderful languages that are being used by visitors to the forums that we all frequent, Carl and Luis and others have been kind enough to contribute to a foreign language section of the site.

The Languages

We'll start of with Danish, thanks to Carl Ankerstjerne. As of 5/3/2002, we now have a Swedish language primer from Tony Ingesson. Thanks Tony!

We'll add Spanish shortly, thanks to Luis Guzman.


We have three Danish letters that you will have troubles finding on your keyboard: æ, ø and å - Æ, Ø and å - but now you can always copy/paste them when you write.

English to Danish:

  • A map = Et kort
  • revision = udgave
  • to send = at sende
  • sentence = sætning
  • a lot = en masse
  • above = ovenover
  • suggestion = forslag
  • to suggest = at foreslå
  • to feel = at føle
  • anything = noget som helst
  • tomorrow = i morgen
  • I am = jeg er
  • you are = du er
  • he is = han er
  • she is = hun er
  • it is = den/det er
  • we are = vi er
  • you are = I er
  • they are = de er
  • Game = Spil
  • Folder = mappe
  • Opportunity = Mulighed
  • Easy = Let
  • Second = Sekund
  • Minute = Minut
  • Hour = Time
  • Day = Dag
  • Week = Uge
  • Month = Måned
  • Year = år
  • Girl = Pige
  • Woman = Kvinde
  • Girls = Piger
  • Women =Kvinder
  • Boy = Dreng
  • Man = Mand
  • Boys = Drenge
  • Men = Mænd
  • Thank You = Tak
  • For = For (but it's not pronounced the same way :o) )
  • The information = Informationen (instead of saying "the" before the word, we use "en" or "et" after the word)
  • The lesson = lektionen
  • Education = undervisning
  • Hi is Hej
  • Bye = Farvel or Hej. (Hej is used like Hi - an informal greeting when you meet or depart.
  • Good morning = God morgen
  • Good evening = God aften
  • Good night = God nat

    Some PG2/military related words

  • Tank = kampvogn
  • APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) = PMV (Pansret Mandskabsvogn)
  • Armoured = Pansret
  • Armour = panser (as in tank)
  • Personnel = Mandskab
  • AFV (armoured Fighting Vehicle) = IKK (Infanteri Kampkøretøj)
  • Infantry = Infanteri
  • Artillery = Artilleri
  • I thank you = Jeg takker dig
  • and have a good evening = og ha' en god aften

    We don't use "the" in Denmark, we put "en" or "et" at the end of the word. like:

  • house = hus ; the house = huset
  • car = bil ; the car = bilen

    It's a bit difficult because you have to "know" if you should use "en" or "et", there's no special rules, other than "it doesn't sound good" when you use the wrong word. :o)

  • and = og
  • or = eller
  • if = hvis

    Okay, now it's time to practice. See if you can translate this:

    Min seneste udgave af Campagne editoren er snart klar. Jeg mangler bare at beslutte mig for, om jeg skal tilføje kopieringen af *.map filerne (kun bruger-kort) i export funktionen. Når den er klar, sender jeg den til dig.

    Here is what Carl really said: My lastest revision of the Campaign Editor will be ready very soon now. I just have to decide, if I should add the copy of the *.map files as well (user-maps only) in the export function. When it is ready, I'll send it to you.

    This English to Danish guide kindly provided by Carl Ankerstjerne (Programmer)


    by Tony Ingesson

    Just like danish, swedish contains three letters that some of you probably won't find on your keyboard; å (in case it's not showing here, it's an "a" with a circle above it, pronounced like the first "a" in "all", when it's said with a british accent. The next one's ä (in case it's not showing here, it's an "a" with two small dots above it. It's pronounced like the "a" in "take". The last one is "ö" (in case it's not showing here, it's an "o" with two small dots above it), and it's pronounced like the "u" in "furry".

    These three letters are the last three in our alphabet. From here on I'll follow the style that the Danish language primer has, to ensure that these guides are as easy as possible to use.

    English to Swedish

  • Alternative = alternativ
  • Acceptable = acceptabel (see a pattern here?)
  • Aircraft = flygplan (mil. abbr. "fpl")
  • Anti-tank = pansarvärns-, anti-tank missile = pansarvärnsrobot, anti-tank gun = pansarvärnskanon. Compare with german "Panzerabwehrkanone" (PaK)
  • All-weather = allväders-
  • AFV = Infanterikanonvagn (mil. abbr. "Ikv"), for example the "Ikv 91 Järven" (Wolverine) in People's General
  • APC = pansarbandvagn (if tracked), pansarterrängbil (if wheeled)
  • Armoured = bepansrad
  • Armour = pansar
  • Artillery = artilleri
  • Bomber = bombplan (bomb = bomb, plan = aircraft)
  • Ball = boll
  • Beer = öl (btw the same word as the germans use for "oil")
  • Brawl = bråka
  • Cat = katt
  • Change (money) = växel
  • Customs = tull
  • Dark = mörk
  • Daughter = dotter
  • Do not disturb = stör ej
  • End = slut (this has caused a lot of confusion in e-mail filters…)
  • Fighter = jaktplan (used against air targets), attackplan (used against ground targets)
  • Fire = eld (also used as "fire"-command)
  • Ferocious = ursinnig
  • Folder = mapp
  • Forward observer = eldledare
  • Game = spel
  • Guard = vakt
  • Gun = kanon (cannon), gevär (rifle), pistol (pistol), haubits (howitzer), revolver (revolver)
  • Hard = hård
  • Hit = träffa
  • IFV = Stridsfordon (mil. abbr. "Strf")
  • Important = viktig
  • Infantry = infanteri
  • Insert = stoppa in, för in
  • Jump = hoppa
  • Large = stor
  • Missile = robot (mil. abbr. "rb") used in the meaning; guided (remotely controlled or programmed) flying object with engine and some kind of armament
  • Money = pengar
  • Nasty = elak
  • -O'clock = klockan-, ten o'clock = klockan tio (tio = ten)
  • Oil = olja
  • Parts = delar
  • Personnel = personal
  • Petrol = bensin
  • Questionable = tvivelaktig
  • Reconaissance = rekognoscering
  • Rocket = raket
  • Strategic = strategisk
  • Slow = långsam
  • Torpedo = torped
  • Tactical = taktisk
  • Tank = Stridsvagn (mil. abbr. "Strv") for example Stridsvagn 103C in People's General
  • U-boat = u-båt
  • Velocity = hastighet
  • X-ray = röntgen
  • You = du
  • Zeal = entusiasm

    Just like the Danes, we don't use "the" either, but rather add a suffix to the word.

  • Tank = stridsvagn
  • The tank = stridsvagnen
  • House = hus
  • The house = huset

    Whether to use "en" or "et" as suffix is a matter of complex grammar, and I won't get into it here...

    Good-to-know phrases for the tourist:

  • "Where is the nearest gas station?" = Var finns närmsta bensinstation?
  • "I need a mechanic" = Jag behöver en mekaniker
  • "I didn't do it" = "Det var inte jag
  • "Is this your daughter?" = är detta er dotter?
  • "Don't shoot!" = Skjut inte!
  • "No, officer, it was that guy" = Nej, konstapeln, det var han

    10 things you need to know about Sweden:

  • 1. Not all Swedish girls are blonde
  • 2. We do not have ice-bears in this country
  • 3. We did invent dynamite, the zipper and the wrench among others
  • 4. Our arms industry is very modern and skilled, but we sell most of it to others
  • 5. "Inga" is actually a very rare name, (except for older women)
  • 6. There's more to Swedish music than "ABBA", just ask the Japanese
  • 7. We were once one of the mightiest countries in Europe
  • 8. The Swedish chef in the Muppet Show didn't speak real Swedish
  • 9. We still have compulsory military service for about 30% of the young males each year (minimum: 7,5 months, maximum = 18 months)
  • 10. Drinking is legal almost anywhere, anytime, any age (technically it's 18, but few care about it), as long as you're not driving a car or boat. If you do drive something, you can't even have one beer without risking losing your driver's license, or being imprisoned.

    This primer provided by Tony Ingesson. Thanks Tony!

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