Panzer General Play Tips

Here are some strategies for Panzer General. I will add to the list whenever I get time or inspired to add more. If you have any strategies or tips that you would like to add, then please e-mail them to me.

PG: Overview of Playing as the Germans

I like having the 6/6 (fighters/bombers) combo for mastery of the air. All else follows from that. I typically have several artillery pieces, but towed never seems to quite do the job. But you need at least one towed artillery because of the range. I almost never have more than two infantry units, I think. My favorite scenario is the one where the Germans defend Warsaw! You can only get there by not winning in Russia, so I usually throw the results to get there.

PG: Warsaw

Get two air-transportable infantry, three Ju-87s and two Me-109s. Capture the far eastern airfield by landing infantry there. It's really easy to pick off his units that are on the river and build experience for your fighters. The rest happens with time!

PG: Husky

I found that the easy way to win this one was to deploy the 12 pt. Italian SP ATs all over Sicily and just park them. Retreat everything else up the mainland...

PG: Cobra

I used to simply mass lots of AA around Caen, but keep them behind my armor, and keep the artillery layered in between the AA behind the armor, let the enemy expend his air attacks. Fall back to the south-eastern riverbank of Caen, and then retake it later when the enemy is weak.

Narayan Sengupta
June 7, 2001-January 25, 2002

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