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  • CWG: Cold War General plug-in for Pacific General and then People's General and then PG II.
  • PEG: 500 new icons from Joost and a Map Editor by Luis Guzman.
  • November-December, 2004

  • Allied General: Allied General v.1.6 is out with lots of great units.
  • Pacific General: Two new campaigns and several ones that have been out for a while, but never added publically to this site are now up.
  • People's General: New Za Stalina, za Rodinu (For Stalin and Motherland) East Front, 1941-45 campaign by Adam Bolesta/Robert Mary.
  • September, 2004

  • Strategic Command: A new Kursk campaign from Cory Vandoremalen
  • People's General: Three new Panzer General II campaigns by Jorge Gabitto converted by Robert Mary: Kursk, Barbarossa and one from Pablo Schlegel/Robert Mary. Also we now have the latest version of PEG Suite 3.15 from Luis Guzman. Finally there is the latest version of Redball's PEG game engine with lots of great new features. Version 2 of Road to Berlin has been released as well. Later in the month... Robert has also just released a new Fall Weiss campaign that he has converted from Santiago Fuertes' original.
  • August, 2004

  • Victoria: Three new pages including Victoria Strategy Guide, Victoria FAQs and Victoria Game Review
  • Strategic Command: New documents and images! See Strategic Command - how to defeat the Royal Navy at Alexandria and win the War! by Jim Biddle, Strategic Command's Naval Strategies by Tim Bollier, Joe Darrow's Review of The Cold War for Strategic Command
  • New support for Paradox Games

  • Hearts of Iron II Scenarios
    Hearts of Iron Strategy Guide
    Hearts of Iron Index
    Europa Universalis III
    JP's Panzer's Paradox Games Forum
    Hearts of Iron II
    Victoria Game Review
    Victoria Strategy Guide
    Victoria FAQs

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    June-July, 2004

  • PEG: Robert Mary updates Jorge Gabitto's Stalingrad Campaign and has also converted Santiago Fuertes' Division Azul campaign. There are also three new Asian campaigns from Kristjan Ambroz.
  • Pacific General: New version of the 5 Star Equipment File! Also new Normandy scenario by me, four new scenarios from Schwejk (Coronet, Midway, Iwo Jima, Singapore) and a 61 scenario Scenario Pack.
  • Strategic Command: 10 or so additional campaigns are now available.
  • Allied General: New 1.5 equipment file now available. There is also a new Spanish General's campaign from Jordi Castillo.
  • May, 2004

  • PEG: Great new PG2/PEG Data File Viewer by Carl Ankerstjerne so that you can easily view all of the icons, add your own or someone else's etc. Screaming Eagles and Shattered Steel Campaign for PEG WWII converted from PG2 by Robert Mary. Robert also has a revised equipment file, a new wav file, and more. Luis Guzman's PEG Suite 3.12 is out as is his new Map Tool. This is the greatest tool for building campaigns, editing equipment files, and so on all in one easy to use package. Redball's marvelous PEG v.2.7 EXE is also out. It really expands the game, has improved terrain tables and much more.
  • PG2: Great new PG2/PEG Data File Viewer by Carl Ankerstjerne so that you can easily view all of the icons, add your own or someone else's etc.
  • Pacific General: Three new maps from Robert Menna: Sweden, Okinawa and Italy.
  • Normandy: In honor of the 60th Anniversary of D-Day, I have added several photo portfolios. Please see the following:

  • D-Day: La Merveille Gun Battery
  • D-Day: Pegasus Bridge
  • D-Day: Longues-Sur-Mer Gun Battery
  • D-Day: Gold Juno Sword
  • D-Day: Caen, Museum of Peace
  • February-April, 2004

  • PEG: New People's General 2.0 Expansion Pack with six campaigns including the long awaited Russia Resurgent Campaign by Narayan Sengupta.
  • SC: Cory Van's Axis & Allies scenario.
  • January, 2004

  • PEG: Robert Mary/Jorge Gabitto's Road to Stalingrad campaign's v.2. Also Robert Mary/Steve Brown's General Bistrov Breakthrough Campaign's v.1 and Michel Linlaud's Israeli campaign.
  • December, 2003

  • PEG: Luis Guzman's PEG Suite 3.09 and Robert Mary/Jorge Gabitto's Road to Berlin campaign.
  • October-November, 2003

  • SC: Several new campaigns and icon/graphics packs from Logan Hartke, Carl Von Mannerheim, Radovan Nesic and me.
  • HOI: New support starting for Hearts of Iron.
  • CWG: Cold War General campaign finally released for Strategic Command.
  • PEG: Luis Guzman's PEG Suite 3.08 and a revision to Robert Mary/Jorge Gabitto's Road to Stalingrad Soviet campaign.
  • September, 2003

  • PG2: Dennis Felling's new Turkish Campaign, v.2.0.
  • SC: Naval tips and two new campaigns: my "1939 Fall Weiss Revisited v.2" and my "1943 North American Bastion".
  • PEG: New PG2 to PEG map converter, Luis Guzman's new PEG 3.03 Suite, and Redball's new terrain table analysis
  • PG3: New article on Scouting by Philip Nelson.
  • July-August, 2003

  • PEG: Refresh of all of Mark Kirby's PEG WW2 tools and some tools from Redball, Programmer and others.
  • PG2: Luis Guzman's epic PG2 Suite v3.06, new tool versions from Carl and a new Panzer2.dat packer from Madman.
  • SC: Revisions to Campaign Design page.
  • April, 2003

  • CWG: Cold War General campaign for Strategic Command. I have also added two pages of screenshots. Also please see the 1939 Fall Weiss Revisited campaign. It has so much more detail than the original campaign.
  • PEG: Luis Guzman's Excel Equipment Editor
  • PG2: Luis Guzman's PG2 Suite (Campaign/Scenario/Map/Equipment Editor)
  • Jan.20, 2003 to March, 2003

  • PAG: v.2.0 of Carl's Equipment Editor. Jawn Henry's American Campaign. And 10 new maps from Jawn as well.
  • PEG: Madman's Addon Equipment File...
  • PG2: Carl's PG2 Map Tool! PG2_102_Patch.EXE and the PG2UK102G.zip patch that allow you to use many advanced equipment files. Robert Mary has created a multi-scenario add-in to my Russian Revenge campaign. I've also added about 75 maps. Revised beta of my 24 scenario German Reich Stuff campaign is now up.
  • Other: See the Bonus! menu: Warner Robins Museum of Aviation Photo Portfolio added.
  • November, 27, 2002

  • PEG: Three new maps from Michel Linlaud and nine other maps from others. Also a Terrain Movement table from Redball, PEG to PG2 Map Numbering Scheme tool by Jeroen Van Kassel, a PG2 to PEG Map Converter v.4 from Mark Kirby updated by Jeroen Van Kassel, and... a new European Intervention campaign from Jeroen and me. :)
  • November, 18, 2002

  • PG2: 6 new campaigns and equipment files from Jorge Gabitto.
  • PEG: v.2.7 of my Equipment File! Fred Chandla's PEG Icon Editor, a new version of "Return to Stalingrad" from Paolo Galbiati. And a new version of Equipment Viewer from me.
  • PAG: 13 new scenarios from Jack Ladd, Oliver Korpilla and Chris C. Two new campaigns from Craig Lindemann.
  • AG: 47 new scenarios and three new campaigns from Jordi Castillo.
  • October, 25, 2002

  • PEG: v.1.0 of Jeroen van Kessel's Campaign Editor!!! More information on the FAQs page too! v.2.6b of my Equipment File with more enhancements, more units (about 60) and everything!
  • PAG: The v.2.0 Equipment File with new icons, new equipment, and much, much more. Play Pacific General like you have never played before.
  • October, 4, 2002 to Oct. 24, 2002

  • PEG: v.2.5 of my Equipment File with more enhancements! But the big announcement is that Jeff Varnes has patched Peoples.exe so that you can now play the game without the annoying alliances and clutter at the equipment purchase screen. Also we have v.2.12 of Luis Guzman's indispensable Scenario Editor.
  • PG2 and PEG: Campaign Design guide updated with valuable tips!
  • September 24, 2002 to Present

  • PEG: v.2.2 and now v.2.3 of my Equipment File with 90 new icons from Michel Linlaud, naval units, subs, more affordable air units, etc. The game is available for downloading again. I have also added an updated Equipment File Table. Also have a "Mercs for Hire" scenario by Tibor Csaky. Did I mention that there are now two of the SSI scenarios too?
  • September 19, 2002 to September 23, 2002

  • PEG: New scenarios from Nigel Cloutt, new equipment file from Kristjan Ambroz and a great recount of the Western Campaign from Jackie Meyers, a new scenario from Michel Linlaud as well as the BETA 2.0 Equipment File from me.
  • PAG: It's finally here: the new Equipment Editor from Carl!
  • SC: Two new campaigns by yours truly... American Arsenal and Bite of the Bulldog.
  • July 23, 2002-September 18, 2002

  • PEG: New "Final Battle" scenario from Nigel Cloutt!
  • CWG: One new page for Cold War General on the web site.
  • PG2: New equipment file and a new scenario from Nikos Koutsis.
  • SC: Three new pages for Stratetic Command on the web site. Updated main page.
  • PacGen: Posted SSI's PacGen Readme file by popular demand.
  • Misc: A new Guestbook. Please let me know what you think!
  • June 23, 2002-July 22, 2002

  • PacGen: v.1.7 of the 5 Star Equipment File is available. v.1.0 of my "Today Germany: Tomorrow the World" campaign available.

    June 18, 2002-June 22, 2002

  • People's General: The entire game is available for download once again.
  • PG2: SSI's FAQs provided by Ivan Radejic.
  • PG: SSI's FAQs and and the v.1.2 Patch provided by Ivan Radejic.
  • Fantasy General: SSI's Unit Tables provided by Ivan Radejic.
  • PacGen: v.1.6 of the 5 Star Equipment File is available. Beta of my "Today Germany: Tomorrow the World" campaign available.
  • AG: SSI's FAQs and the original Equipment List provided by Ivan Radejic.

    May 25, 2002-June 17, 2002

  • PG2: Carl's revised equipment editor, Philip Nelson's new PG2 Odds Calculator and my very rough Equipment Viewer for PG2 and Pacific General.
  • PEG: 10 new maps from Robert Nowakowski!
  • PAG: My new very rough Equipment Viewer for PG2 and Pacific General.

    April 25, 2002-May 25, 2002

  • Other: Several documents have been updated by Narayan
  • PG2: Vladmir Medelyan's v.3 of his great new After Action Report generator and Carl's v.2 of his DAT Tool.
  • AG: My new AG v.1.2 upgrade with a "new" campaign and tweaked equipment file, campaign charts, etc.

    March 16, 2002-April 25, 2002

  • Other: Narayan's Photo Portfolio of Battlefields and Monuments
  • PG2: Joel Illian's new Wehrmacht General campaign! Also see Vladmir Medelyan's Icon Viewer and v.2 of his great new After Action Report generator.
  • AG: The PG/AG Strategy Guide has been updated a bit.

    February 20-March 15, 2002

  • PG3: Philip Nelson adds more to his wonderful Strategy Guide.
  • PG2: UK102 patch converter for German and French users by Carl Ankerstjerne

    February 8-19, 2002

  • 5 Star Content: Added two new pages of Download Descriptions: one for PEG and one for all the rest.
  • PG2: Konstantin Karatzas' Napoleonic and Civil War General for PG2 is now in the Download section!
  • PEG: A new revision of Mark Kirby's PEG WW2 SS Campaign and the new Return to Stalingrad scenario from Paolo Galbiati! I have temporarily removed the PEG Game download because my ISP is going to charge me $150 extra at this rate! I should have it back up the first few days of March.

    February 1-7, 2002

  • PG3: A new Zone Editor and Scenario Editor (both already in the download section) from Steve Farrell and a new page on Operational Planning by Philip Nelson and a revised Equipment Editor from Tapio Stenfors.
  • PEG: A sound upgrade package from Paul MacKay and a full download of the game thanks to Eric and Bruce!
  • PG2: A revised WK 4.02+ Equipment File and an update to Russian Revenge 2.0 from Narayan
  • Pac. Gen.: A revised Equipment File from Narayan

    January 22-31, 2002

  • PG3: A new Zone Editor and Scenario Editor from Steve Farrell.
  • PG2: A UK102 patch converter for German users by Carl Ankerstjerne
  • PEG: More map names

    January 1-21, 2002

  • PG2: 5 new tools from Carl Ankerstjerne, Peter Crack's campaign starter, two new BETA campaigns, a strategy guide, more map names, revised campaign design tips, and a Waffenkammer 4.02-based Equipment File from Narayan.
  • PEG: A new campaign and new utilities from Mark Kirby, 1 new campaign and 2 new maps from Robert Nowakowski, 1 new scenario from Paolo Galbiati, revised campaign design tips and more map names from Narayan.
  • PG3: 3 new tools from Steve Farrell and three new ones from Tapio Stenfors. Now you can start thinking about editing maps, scenarios, campaigns and equipment!
  • Pac. Gen.: The beginning of a strategy guide.
  • AG/PG: This section has been expanded with the new Strategy Guide.
  • Other: Five new pages of content in the "Other" section of the site including Rants, Awards and Best Of... The Most Important Battle of WWII, an Equipment File Design Overview and a new Language Primer from Carl Ankerstjerne.

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