Verdun - Walking through Verdun

Welcome to Verdun... Links to all of the pages related to Verdun are at the bottom of this page. These photos are from a recent trip my brother in law Jean Pierre and I made together.

Fort Douaumont is the most important thing to visit for all of Verdun, I believe. The Citadelle is interesting, though it's not necessarily all that relevant to the actual battlefield experience since the Citadelle was bombarded, but never came into contact with German soldiers. The two forts did, however. I think that we spent about an hour per location. Fort Vaux is a bit smaller, so that one maybe less time.

I think that almost everything is worthwhile and would probably allocate two full days if I had more time. One of the things I have been kicking myself about, however, is that there is a large American museum that is near Verdun that I didn't know about until I got back. I believe it's to the Northwest some place, within about 10 miles of Fort Douaumont.

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