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Panzer General II Maps
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You can download directly from the links below. There is no other server or anything else to go through, so downloading should be very fast unless my server is down for any reason.

Table of Contents

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  • All Maps (in alphabetical order)
  • Overview :: What maps should I download?

    Maps are needed for certain campaigns. Typically you'll have to read the readme file included with a campaign to figure out which maps are needed. Not all of the maps are listed here yet - only the ones which interest me. I may add others too. For a more comprehensive list, please see Lasse Jensen's Builder's Paradise.

    New Maps...

    The original authors of the maps are SSI, William Dickens, Steve Brown, Leonid Usachov, Red Scorpion and Eric Peterson and many others. I will add their names as I get time.

    Map and Link Author/Moderator Uploaded Misc. Notes
    These maps are compatible with all versions of PG2. Please read the install directions.
    Installing Maps Narayan Sengupta These are the generic map installation instructions.
    Steve Brown's PG2 MapsSteve Brown 02/12/03Steve has a great map section. He also gives some comments on each map he has created. He has posted maps of other authors. And he also has good thumbnail images too! Also a special thanks to Steve for allowing me to post his maps here for the entire community.
    Builder's Paradise MAP SectionLasse Jensen 02/12/03This site has ALL of the maps, as opposed to the limited selection I have. You can also see thumbnails of the various maps at Lasse's Builder's Paradise.
    Panzergeneral.netEric Peterson 02/12/03Eric has a great map section. He also gives ratings and some comments on each map.
    Baltic GeneralToliy 02/12/03Don't let the "Baltic General" name fool you. Toliy has a comprehensive collection of PG2 maps (and icons and other goodies).
    All Maps (in alphabetical order)
    Just click directly on any of the links below to start downloading immediately. There should be no waiting time at all. The maps vary between 95 kb to 2 mb in size.
    Agedabia Lasse Jensen 02/12/03
    Aitape Steve Brown 02/12/03"Aitape is on the northern coast of New Guinea, east of my "Hollandia" and west of my "Madang" maps." - Steve Brown
    Alexandria Lasse Jensen 03/12/03
    Alamein 04/01/03
    Algiers Marco Infortugno 02/12/03
    Anzac Cove Doug Hone 03/12/03
    Anzio Leos 02/12/03
    Arawe Steve Brown 02/12/03"This is the Arawe Peninsula on the south coast of New Britain, in New Guinea." - Steve Brown
    Ardennes Ted Grospe 02/12/03
    Arnhem Stephen de Jong 02/12/03
    Attu Eric Myott 02/12/03
    Auderville Doug Hone 03/17/03
    Avranches Doug Hone 03/17/03
    Baghdad 03/12/03
    Balikpapan 04/01/03
    Bastogne Bjoern Neuhaeuser 02/12/03
    Beirut William Dickens 03/12/03
    Belgrade William Dickens 02/12/03
    Benghazi Marco Infortugno 03/12/03
    Berlin Andreas Seidel 02/12/03
    Biak Steve Brown 02/12/03"This map is of part of Biak Island, which is off north coast of New Guinea (it is west of my Hollandia map). This map was the scene of a US operation in May-June 1944. This map has a lot of rough terrain, escarpments, fortifications (caves) and shallow sea and reefs (I use "river" for these)." - Steve Brown
    Borodino Hannes Gruber 03/12/03
    Bucharest Doug Hone 03/17/03
    Buin Steve Brown 03/12/03"This is a map of the area of the southern part of Empress Augusta Bay to Buin on the island of Bougainville, it is more-or-less south of my Torokina map." - Steve Brown
    Buka Steve Brown 03/12/03"This is a map of the northern part of Bougainville." - Steve Brown
    Bzura 04/01/03
    Capebon Lasse Jensen 03/12/03
    Carentan Doug Hone 03/17/03
    Carpathia 04/01/03
    Casablanca Steve Brown 03/12/03"This map is of the area around Casablanca. The map stretches from Casablanca in the southwest to Fedala in the northeast. Fedala is the location of "Operation Torch" landings in November, 1942." - Steve Brown
    Cassino Bjoern Neuhaeuser 02/12/03Also see Monte Cassino below.
    Cherbourg Doug Hone 03/12/03
    Chirval 04/01/03
    Colmar Doug Hone 03/12/03"Colmar is north of Mulhouse and south of "Nordwind" - Steve Brown"
    Crete 2 Christophe Mercier 03/12/03
    Dieppe Marco Infortugno 02/12/03
    Don 03/12/03
    Dover Jens Cieslak 02/12/03
    Dutch Harbor 03/12/03
    Elba Steve Brown 03/17/03"This is the island of Elba, off the coast of Italy." - Steve Brown
    El Guettar Steve Brown 03/17/03"This map is of the El Guettar area in Tunisia. Compared to other PG2 maps is it south of "'Maknassy", southeast of "Kasserin" and some distance north of "Medenine". It was the scene of battles between French and Italian forces in late 1942 and US Army and Axis forces in March and April of 1943. The water at the east is not the coast - the "oceans" you see on the map are salt lakes." - Steve Brown
    England Lasse Jensen 02/12/03
    Europe Halberdier 03/12/03This is a great map except that it lacks cities, ports and airfields. Can someone finish it up and then send it to me?
    Falklands East Pablo Schlegel 03/17/03
    Falklands West Pablo Schlegel 03/17/03
    Finschhafen Steve Brown 03/17/03"This is of the Finschhafen area of New Guinea, which is east of my Lae map." - Steve Brown
    Fondouk El Arab Steve Brown 03/17/03"This map is of the Fondouk el Aouareb area in Tunisia - usually known as the "Fondouk Gap". Compared to other PG2 maps is it north of "'Maknassy" and some distance south of "Tunis". It was the scene of battles between Allied and Axis forces from January to April of 1943." - Steve Brown
    Gambut Barkmann 03/17/03North Africa, near Tobruk
    Gazala Paul Carlisle 03/12/03
    Georgia 03/12/03I think this is actually part of north of my home state of Georgia (in the USA).
    Gibralter 2 02/12/03
    Golan 04/01/03
    Gothic Vito 03/12/03
    Guadalcanal Anton Geislitz 02/12/03
    Halifax 04/01/03
    Hollandia Steve Brown 03/17/03"Size - 845KB; Map number - 173. This map is of the Hollandia area on the north coast of New Guinea. This map was the scene of a US invasion in April 1944 but is also a good generic map for battles in the southwest Pacific theatre since it has a lot of the features of many of those battlefields" - Steve Brown
    Hong Kong 02/12/03
    Iwo Jima 7 Patrick Fitzgibbon 02/12/03
    Kazan SSI 04/01/03
    Kasserine Lasse Jensen 03/12/03
    Kharkov Vito 02/12/03
    Kiev William Dickens 03/12/03
    Kokoda Sneaky Pete 03/17/03"Part of the Kokoda trail, in New Guinea" - Steve Brown
    Korinth 04/01/03
    Kufra Steve Brown 03/17/03"Size - 1,319KB; Map number - 161. This is of Kufra in southern Libya (it is a few hundred kilometres almost directly south of Tobruk). Free French and Italian forces fought here in early 1941, plus it is also a good generic desert map. There is not much on this map - it's desert." - Steve Brown
    Kursk Waldemar Irrek 03/12/03
    Lae Steve Brown 03/17/03"Size - 967KB; Map number - 177. This map is of the Lae, Salamaua, Wau and Nadzab areas in New Guinea - it contains some very bad terrain. " - Steve Brown
    Laon, France Marco Infortugno 02/12/03
    London, UK Doug Hone 03/12/03
    Madang Steve Brown 03/17/03"Size - 1,274KB; Map number - 165. This is of the Madang area of New Guinea, which is northwest of both my Lae and Finschhafen maps - it runs from Saidor in the southeast to Alexishafen in the northwest." - Steve Brown
    Maleme 04/01/03
    Malta West 02/12/03
    Medenine 04/01/03
    Mersa Matruh Marco Infortugno 02/12/03
    Messina Marco Infortugno 02/12/03
    Milnebay Steve Brown 03/17/03"Size - 506KB. Map number - 179. Milne Bay is at the eastern end of New Guinea. This is a rugged map (to reflect the real terrain) - there are no roads on the map at all." - Steve Brown
    Monte Cassino, Italy 03/12/03
    Moscow Jens Cieslak 02/12/03
    Mozhaisk 04/01/03
    Mulhouse, France Doug Hone 03/12/03
    Narvik Martin Mangei 03/12/03
    New Georgia Steve Brown 03/17/03"Size - 1,116KB; Map number - 186. This is the western part of New Georgia Island, in the Solomon Islands. " - Steve Brown
    Nomonhan Steve Brown 03/17/03"Size - 1,652KB; Map number - 176. This map is of the Nomonhan area (also known as Khalkhin Gol) on the Chinese/Mongolian border which was the location of a series of battles between Japanese/Manchukuo and Russian/Mongolian armies in June-August 1939, arising from a border dispute, that led to a major victory by the Russians. The map looks desert-like but is really just very barren steppe-country. " - Steve Brown
    North Sicily Doug Hone 03/17/03
    Nice, France Marco Infortugno 02/12/03
    Northern Burma Steve Brown 03/12/03"This is of part of northern Burma, which was location of US operations in mid-late 1944." - Steve Brown
    Oahu William Dickens 02/12/03
    Ocean 02/12/03
    Odessa, Russia William Dickens 03/12/03
    Okinawa 03/12/03
    Oran 02/12/03
    Osel 04/01/03
    Pacific 03/12/03
    Panama Canal Steve Brown 03/17/03"Size - 1,614KB; Map number - 162. This is the complete Panama Canal area - most naval ships and sea transports can sail through the canal from east to west. I have named the oceans on the map itself, to remind scenario designers which ocean is which." - Steve Brown
    Peenemun 04/01/03
    Port Lyautey Steve Brown 03/17/03"Size - 801KB; Map number - 149. Port Lyautey is on the coast of Morocco north of Casablanca. It was one of the Operation Torch landing areas. On this may you can sail ships very far inland up the Sebou River." - Steve Brown
    Riga Doug Hone 03/12/03
    Rostov Jens Cieslak 02/12/03
    Ruhr Jens Cieslak 02/12/03
    Sarmi Steve Brown 03/17/03"Size - 666KB; Map number - 287. This is the Sarmi, Maffin Bay, Wakde Island area of New Guinea, west of Hollandia." - Steve Brown
    Sealion Eric Peterson 02/12/03
    Sedan North East Eric Peterson 03/12/03
    Sedan 41 Karhu 03/12/03"A modification of Karhu's Sedan40" - Steve Brown
    Sevastopol Lasse Jensen 02/12/03
    Sicily Maarten Folkers 02/12/03
    South Holland Jurgen Smet & Doug Hone 03/12/03
    Stalingrad Lasse Jensen 02/12/03
    Suez Lasse Jensen 03/12/03
    Tarakan Steve Brown 03/17/03"Size - 437KB; Map number - 178. This map is of the island of Tarakan off the coast of Borneo." - Steve Brown
    Tarawa 03/12/03
    Torokina Steve Brown 03/17/03"Size - 1035KB; Map number - 297. This is a map of the area of Torokina (Northern part of Empress Augusta Bay) to Numa Numa on the island of Bougainville" - Steve Brown
    Toulon Marco Infortugno 02/12/03
    Verdun Joe Bowers 03/12/03
    Washington 03/12/03
    Washington in the snow 03/12/03
    Yelnya Hannes Gruber 03/12/03
    Zhitomir, Russia Leonid Usachov 02/12/03

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