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Love Tanks? View 70 pages of tank photos including 1,100 images from the Saumur Tank Museum (about 800 tanks), US Army Ordinance Museum (mostly tanks) - Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Bovington Tank Museum, St. Petersburg Artillery Museum (tanks, SP guns, etc.), Patton Tank Museum (tanks) and Moscow's Great Patriotic War Museum (Tanks, etc.)!

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NEW! American Armor Foundation photos
The Used Tank Guide of WWI and WWII (book, 8.5x11, $20, 230 pages, 700+ color photos
NEW! USAF, USN and Tank Screen Savers from $2.95
NEW! Railroad Tycoon 3 Scenarios
NEW! Hearts of Iron II - Bad Boys Scenario - Alternative history game - USA starts World War II
Panther, Sherman, T34/85, Chieftain + 18 more AFVs/tanks at The Canadian War Museum
Monitor and Merrimack, day 1
Monitor and Merrimack, day 2
Strategic Command: WWII Pacific Theater Game Review by me
60th Anniversary of the Korean War
"Disaster at Dieppe!" book
"American Eagles: The Rise of US Military Aviation in WWI" book
American Expeditionary Force in World War I - (new website by NS)
Hell to Pay: Operation DOWNFALL and the Invasion of Japan, 1945-1947 reviewed by Dan Kevin
People's General Israeli/Iran/Iraq camapaign by Michael Nowak
F-22 Raptor at Dobbins ARB Air Show
Verdun - 13 pages by NS with Jean-Pierre Queudray
Battleship Bismarck - by Robert Veenenberg
Robert Thibault, French Army Soldier, 1939-1940
Matilda at Bovington Tank Museum by Tom Cole
Liberation of France in 1944 - Memoir by NS
French Military Victories by NS
701st, 736th, 738th, 739th, 740th, 748th Tank Battalions by Todd Ray
Was Slavery Cause of The American Civil War?
Eddie Rickenbacker and American aviation in World War I - (goes to www.USAWW1.com by NS and Mike O'Neal)

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We post and host Strategic Command 2, Panzer General, Pacific General, People's General and other related campaigns, utilities and tools. Tank or aircraft or ship photos are also welcome. See Strategic Command 2, Commander - Europe at War along with Commander - Europe at War Screenshots.

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