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Panzer General - You can download directly from the links below. There is no other server or anything else to go through.

Also be sure to thank the people that have made some of these Panzer General downloads. They work for encouragement and praise!

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    Always read the README file first! It may not be named "README", but should at least include "README" in the name of the .txt file.

    File Size Summary Author/Moderator Other or Posted Skill Notes
    Allied General/Panzer General v.1.6 40 kb Narayan Sengupta 11/11/04 $9.95 Allied General v.1.6 includes a "New" Soviet campaign, a greatly tweaked equipment file, radical air movement that is much more realistic than that designed by SSI, campaign charts, etc.

    This is altered and improved Equipment File and Campaign File for Allied General and the equipment file should work for Panzer General too. I have also done some analysis which allowed me to upgrade the Soviet Campaign path a bit. Now you'll be able to play almost all 17 of the Soviet scenarios if you play that campaign. I didn't even know the Korsun scenario existed until I did this. That was a pleasant surprise!

    I've also added a Panzequp_1944.eqp file. To use this one during game play, simply extract this any time you are about to start a 1944 or later scenario. If you have already started the scenario, that's okay. Simply exit Allied General (save if you wish), extract the panzequp_1944 .eqp file to C:\Program Files\Allied General\DATA (or the DATA folder of your game), rename it to panzequp.eqp after backing up your regular panzequp.eqp and then start Allied General again. Now you'll be able to purchase long range Yak-9B fighter/bombers, Yak-9DD escort fighters, Yak-9T-37 tank busters, Yak-9U fighters, TU-2S bombers, T-44 tanks, T-44/100 tanks, GMC trucks, motorized regular troops. The catch is that I overwrote early war units that are not used in 1944 or later scenarios. There are still a few slots that can be overwritten, so let me know if you have suggestions. The caveat is that if you happen to still have one of the early war units (e.g. T-28 tank or I-16 fighter), you get a free upgrade. Oh well... Things could be worse. To prevent things from being too lopsided, the cost of the new units is generally very high.

    Another thing I have done is to identify bombers' level bombing strength. So the IL-4 is now an IL-4 30 to show the level bombing strength of 30.

    The movement rates of combat aircraft have been scaled correctly so that the fastest Me-262 can now move about 30 hexes per turn.

    NOTE: The money from your purchase goes to keeping this site up and making the other downloads available to you.

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    SSI's PG FAQs and Unit Tables 85 kb SSI 06/18/02 Kindly provided by Ivan Rajevic
    SSI's PG v.1.2 Patch for CD 110 kb SSI 06/18/02 Kindly provided by Ivan Rajevic
    SSI's Fantasy General Unit Tables 20 kb SSI 06/18/02 Kindly provided by Ivan Rajevic
    5 Star Game Comparison Narayan Sengupta What are the features of PG, AG, PGII, PeG, PGIII?
    The Wargamer Link Mario Kroll Support for many great games from SSI and others!
    HERR GENERAL Link Dirk Cremer Scenarios, etc. for PG, AG, PAG, PG2, PEG, PG3, PG3SE Link Eric Peterson Free Downloads of PacGen, PG, AG and PG2 Games
    Tortoise Page (PG/AG) Link Santiago Vidal 04/02/02 Excellent Panzer General site.

    Please contact me, Narayan Sengupta, if you have anything else you wish to add to this list.

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