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Table of Contents

  • People's General Game Download
  • People's General 2.0 Expansion Pack by Narayan Sengupta
  • Campaign/Equipment Editing Tools (including Luis Guzman's incredible PEG Suite)
  • Maps
  • Utilities
  • People's General User Scenarios
  • Links
  • What should I download in what order for PEG 2.0?

    One People's General question I get a lot is "What should I download and in what order?" So here is an attempt at a brief guide. The ideal setup (People's General 2.0 / PEG 2.0) is as follows.

    1. People's General game, if you don't already have it. You can get it from the Underdogs and other places.
    2. (Optional, but highly recommended) Jeff Varnes's 2.0 No Alliances Game Patch from below.
    3. (Required for most new campaigns and scenarios) The latest 5 Star Equipment File (currently v.2.9) from below.
    4. You'll also need the Modgen.dat from below. That has the new icons.

    That's it! Everything is optional. You can add them once you get the hang of things. You can add things such as:

    1. SSI Campaign Patch v.1.1
    2. More campaigns
    3. More maps
    4. Scenario Editors, and much more...

    Mark Kirby (PEG WW2), Robert Mary (PEG WW2) and Robert Devore (Red Danger) have all done substantial modifications to the game as well. I would recommend you set up People's General separately for each of their systems. Red Danger, PEG WW2 or PEG 2.0, then maybe do it on separate installs of the game.

    If you want to develop campaigns, equipment files, icons, maps or whatever for People's General, then see PEOPLE'S GENERAL DEVELOPER UTILITIES

    People's General Downloads

    File Size Summary Author/Moderator Other Misc. Notes
    People's General Game - 60 mb . You'll need the game, if you don't already have it, before any of what is below is of any use to you.
    5 Star Equipment File v.2.9 - 60 kb; updated 05/01/03. By Narayan Sengupta, Mark Kiby, SSI - 5 Star Equipment File v.2.9 is a wonderful enhancement to the stock SSI People's General game. Make sure you also grab the icon upgrade (see below a way down) or the equipment file won't display units properly. This equipment file has about 680 new units (1000 units total), innumerable tweaks, lots of air units, new tanks, new countries, aircraft carriers, submarines and other naval units and utilizes about 140 new People's General icons by Michel Linlaud and others. It is not fully compatible with scenarios using Vietnam, Mongolia, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Kazakstan as primary countries. [IDEA: To play all of the stock scenarios and campaigns, just keep your existing equipment file for that as a backup.] But it does add a few units for Israel, India, Italy, Iraq, Iran and Sweden and others. Some of the new units include:
    • Churchill 2 tank: UK and Islamic Coalition. Available 6/2017. Range 3. CD/CA: 15. RD: 24. HA 24. Can attack helos and aircraft. Air liftable. It's not just America that has bad boys on the battlefield. And watch out for the similar German Panther 2.
    • Mirage 6000: France and Taiwan. Available 5/2015. Range 7. Move 115. Helo Atk: 20. AA: 23. Profile: 0. View: 6. Perhaps the best bang-for the buck combat aircraft, even if it is trumped by the F-22 and F-35 and a few others.
    • Special Forces: USA and many others. Profile: 0. Move 15. CD/CA: 14. River assault, air movement and quick entrench. Drops far behind enemy lines to capture and hold weakly guarded VHs.
    • CGN Kirov: Russia and Ukraine. CD/CA: 22. Range 5. Move 6. GD: 24. AD: 22. RD: 21. HA: 21. Ammo: 8. AA: 13. The definitive ship killer. Provides air defense and fleet defense along with potent surface attack capability. The most powerful surface vessel in combat. Outclassed only by various aircraft carriers, and uh, the Iowa class.
    • Monitor LR II: China. Range 14. SA: 24. Profile 3. This is perhaps the ultimate MLRS system in the game, well rounded in every aspect except in defensive capabilities, but then again, it shoots from so far back, who cares?
    This requires downloading the free file (below).
    This People's General 2.0 Expansion Pack download is the end result of countless (literally) hours spent slaving away to create all of the campaigns listed in the section below. People have said this is easily worth $80, but I have kept the price low to allow more people to be able to afford and enjoy it. This campaign pack also improves several of the campaigns which came with the stock People's General released by SSI. These campaigns also incorporate many more units and icons than the stock game. Finally, the 9 stock campaigns are all improved as well. It also includes the fabulous PEG v.2.9 equipment file which I have spent hundreds of hours improving. Please see the extended description below for more details. NOTE: The money from your purchase goes to keeping this site up and making the other downloads available to you for free. Also note that this is FREE to any active members of JP's Panzers Forum or Redball's Forum. Just shoot me an e-mail once you are registered there. "I have been playing the People's General campaign pack and have been enjoying it thoroughly." - Terry Masterson. "This mod has an amazing level of research and detail, numerous and varied new units, well written and designed scenarios and engrossing and addictive campaigns (can't stop playing Russia Resurgent). Between the re-vamped old campaigns and the new ones, the replay value of this expansion pack is enormous," writes Greg Veler.
    People's General 2.0 Expansion Pack - 5 Great New Campaigns!!! Patches stock SSI campaigns. 350 kb Narayan Sengupta 05/01/05 $19.95 (FREE to active JP's Panzers or Redball's Members)

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    Israel/Iran Campaign Michael Nowak 01/07/10 This "what if?" war in the year 2015 is between Israel and Iran-Iraq and assumes that Saddam is alive and that he was never attacked by USA. Michael's first campaign. Please give him feedback. Try it today! Note: If you want the entire campaign plus the game, you can get it directly from Michael's site. It is 51 mb: 5.2 MB Narayan Sengupta/Michael Linlaud, etc. 05/01/03 Required. This is the Modgen containing all of the icons required for People's General equipment file upgrades by Narayan Sengupta. You must download it to get the 2.7 and newer versions of the equipment file to work. However, you should only have to download it once. The People's General Modgen.dat file download is free and fast. No registration required.
    Jeff Varnes People's General 2.0 Game Patch allows you to play each country by itself! Recommended for all but the Vietnam campaign. This does not overwrite your existing Peoples.exe, so you can switch back and forth whenever you wish, even during a campaign or scenario. Do me a favor and download this patch and then start the game. You won't have to restart. Nor will it overwrite your existing game in any way, so if you don't like it, you can simply save (or not) and go back to the regular Peoples.exe. With this patch, you will only be able to buy equipment from the nation that is the primary nation in each scenario (sometimes USA, sometimes China, sometimes France, sometimes Britain, sometimes Germany, etc.), though you can upgrade all of your units to other units within that nation's roster.
    2.0 Game Patch 1 MB Jeff Varnes 10/04/02 Optional, but highly recommended.
    Redball's People's General 2.7a release can be installed within your existing People's General folder. It won't replace any existing files. PeG 2.7 enhances game play in various ways including:
    1. modified Movement Rates Table;
    2. Allows each country to be played by itself;
    3. increased cost of veteran (silver) and elite (gold) units;
    4. all 9 attachments are viewable and some are now available to more classes
    5. wider range for the prestige multiplier
    6. the Scenario Builder now allows dates +1 to +127 from the base year(instead of +1 to +20)
    7. labels for all 12 movement rates
    8. other captions changed
    9. Corrected the "Eastern Loss" problem
    10. Attachments modified.
    11. "Combat Support" Special Equipment renamed as "Deploy & Supply"
    12. "Bridging" attachment renamed as "River Assault"
    13. Changed the date range allowed in Scenario Builder to +1 to +127 from base year.
    14. Modified the costs of veteran and elite units
    15. Modified prestige percentage range and captions
    16. New break points for high score ranks
    17. Changed the movement type icons to show movement groups (VEHICLE, LEG, AIR, SEA)
    18. many other changes are documented in the accompanying README
    People's General 2.7a 400 kb Redball 04/15/05
    Israeli Campaign 30 kb Michel Linlaud/Michael Nowak 02/05/03 Michel's first campaign. Please give him feedback. Try it today! Includes campaign and scenarios files, also the special e-file for the campaign. You will need six PG2 converted maps, Alexandria, Beirut, Damascus, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Golan Heights. The campaign also includes a new sixth scenario by Michael Nowak.
    Asian Package50 kb Kristjan Ambroz 06/09/04 Improved versions of the stock scenarios. Includes three campaigns and a new equipment file.
    Western Campaign Recount 65 kb A great Read! Jackie Meyer 09/19/02 Great description (58 pages!) of the Long Western Campaign.
    People's General 2.0 Expansion Pack by Narayan Sengupta
    European Intervention50 kb 2008-2012 Germany, France and UK vs. China SSI 11/27/02 18 Scenarios. Jeroen Van Kassel and Narayan Sengupta have updated the US long campaign and Europeanized it and taken advantage of some of the new Chinese equipment too. Requires PEG 5 Star General Equipment File v.2.7 or better. Jeff Varne's People's General No Alliances patch is strongly recommended (which you can get here), though you can play this campaign without it. No additional maps or any other downloads are needed. This campaign uses stock PEG maps only.
    Russia Resurgent!60 kb 2003-2020 Russia vs. the World Narayan Sengupta 10 Scen Due Nov. 2003.
    Railroaded v. 1.235 kb UN vs. China SSI 6 Scen. 6 Max Medium UN vs. China. More fun, more prestige, than original v.1.0. Works with stock SSI Equipment file, but much more fun with the PEG 2.0 one.
    The Dragon vs. The Eagle v.1.170 kb 2001-2020 Asia Narayan   Sengupta 18 Scen. 13 Max Hard Requires v. 1.6 + v. 1.7 of Equipment File or better.
    SSI Campaign Patch v.1.130 kb All Orig. Campaigns SSI / N Sengupta 9 Campaigns Fixes major bugs (preventing completion!) in two SSI campaigns, and tweaks the other seven. No more losing a campaign without any campaign score screen. Works with stock SSI Equipment file, but much more fun with the PEG 2.0 one.
    Falcon's Gambit v. 2.565 kb 2001 Korean War Narayan Sengupta 8 Scenarios Medium v. 2.0, but longer and adds SSI Taiwan map and scenario.
    PG2 to PEG Map Converter 60 kb Instructions Narayan Sengupta This will convert any of the first PG2 500 maps (numbers 0 to 499) created and will convert all of them to PEG very quickly. It's easy. Just run one batch file. (So far only about 340 maps exist either stock from SSI or custom made by various authors, so this should cover you for a while). You can get the PG2 maps from several places: Your PG2 CD as well as from this page: PG2 Custom Maps and other Great Map Sites.
    Installing Maps Link Instructions Narayan Sengupta These are the generic map installation instructions.
    Terrain and Movement Table v.2.0 95 kb Redball 09/19/02
    Red Danger/PEG WWII/PEG 2.0 Launcher 40 kb Ahmad Farhan 03/19/03 This is a game launcher utility to launch PeG for people that have multiple instance of it installed (i.e. Red Danger, PG2:WWII and PEG 2.0.
    PEG to PG2 Map Renumberer 20 kb Jeroen Van Kassel 11/27/02 Excellent tool that lets you renumber your PEG maps to PG2 compliant standards.
    SSI PEG *.map files 20 kb SSI 11/18/02 Download these in case you need the stock *.map files to play your stock campaigns. Trust me, it's easier than reinstalling the game. Back up any existing *.map files, however. Extract the contents of this zip file to your SCENARIO folder.
    Stock SSI PEG Equipment files 20 kb SSI 11/18/02 Download these in case you need the stock equipment files to play your stock campaigns. Trust me, it's easier than reinstalling the game. Extract the contents of this zip file to your People's General folder.
    PEG Campaign Editor 2.2 mb Jeroen van Kessel 10/28/02 Great new Campaign Editor from Jeroen.
    PEG Sound Upgrade 2.9 mb v.1.0 Paul MacKay 02/06/02 Easily install 8 new sounds to overwrite existing ones.
    PeG Map Report 195 kb v.1.09 Luis Guzman Tells you how many map files you have.
    Upgrade to PG2 Graphics 335 kb Mark Kirby NEW! Upgrades certain graphics to Panzer2 graphics.
    PG2 to PEG Map Converter 90 kb Mark Kirby 11/27/02 Excellent tool that lets you convert your PG2 maps to PEG maps. You must also own PG2.
    Map Names for PG2 and PEG 40 kb v.1.2 Narayan Sengupta Jan. '02 Use with Luis' PEG Scenario Editor
    PG2 PeG DAT File Migration 85 kb Mark Kirby NEW! Upgrades Panzer2.dat to Modgen.dat (PG2 to PEG).
    Campaign Info Files 15 kb Robert Nowakowski Creates various text files for you in a snap!
    PG2 & PeG Map Migration 3.0 95 kb Mark Kirby Use to migrate PG2 maps to PeG.  Requires PG2.
    High Score Reset File 5 kb Narayan Sengupta Allows you to reset the High Scores
    Repack Modgen 790 kb Luis Guzman 09/19/03 Let's you add icons in a snap. This utility package is designed to let you make a conversion package for any PG2 icon pack you have to PeG format for use with PeG:WW2.
    PeG Movement Table 90 kb Redball 09/19/03 Movement table and movement types.
    Blank Equipment File 5 kb Kristjan Ambroz 10/24/02 Blank equipment file so that you can create your own using Luis' or other editors.
    PEG 1.0 - 2.0 SCENARIOS
    NOTE that there is a bug which prevents custom user scenarios from launching properly when the People's General game is launched from the CD. Use Windows Explorer instead.
    Install / Submission Notes 5 kb Please Read! Narayan Sengupta Notes Information on Installation, Submission, Feedback, Bugs, etc.
    Return to Stalingrad is an update of existing scenario from Paolo Galibati. Uses v. 2.7 or better of the 5 Star Equipment File. "Since I like so much the new Equipment file, and also I like my scenario "Return to Stalingrad", I decided to update the Scenario to the possibility of the new Equipment file! Now the Scenario is fully compatible with the new e-file, and also benefits of a better balancing (needed since units stats changed a lot from e-file 1.9, used for my previous version!) and some minor tweaks!" 01/01/2011: After years of war, Western Forces finally have stopped Chinese Advance. Now, after 69 years, German and Italian Troops return to Stalingrad, this time to help their Russian Ally to repulse Chinese Army from Stalingrad. Russian Forces will directly assault the city from East, while German and Italian Troops from South will have to first annhilate Mongol stronghold on the Don-Volga Canal, an then reunite to Russians to launch the final attack to West Stalingrad.
    Return to Stalingrad v.2.7 5 kbStalingrad Paolo Galbiati 1 Scenario 11/19/02
    Mercs for Hire 5 kb Tibor Csaky 09/30/02 Try it today!
    Haifa Mid-East BETA 5 kb Michel Linlaud 09/23/02 Michel's first scenario. Please give him feedback. Try it today!
    Revolution 5 kb Nigel Cloutt 09/19/02 Nigel's second scenario. Try it today!
    Final Battle 5 kb Final Battle Nigel Cloutt 08/14/02 New scenario from Nigel Cloutt for the Mark Kirby's WWII package!
    Return to Stalingrad 5 kb Stalingrad Paolo Galbiati 1 Scenario 02/18/02 New scenario from Paolo Galibati. Uses v. 1.9 or better of equipment file.
    Siege of Sarajevo 5 kb Sarajevo Paolo Galbiati 1 Scenario New 2 player scenario from Paolo Galibati.
    Demise of Osama 5 kb Afganistan Robert McKee 1 Scenario Great new scenario from Robert McKee.
    Crimson Tide 5 kb Crimson Tide Paolo Galibati 1 Scenario Great new scenario from Paolo Galibati.
    New Caledonia 5 kb New Caledonia Marc Kuhl 1 Scenario Requires v. 1.9 or better e-file which you can get here.
    Enemy of My Enemy 2.0 5 kb Vietnam vs. China Brian Carpenter 1 Scenario Easy NEW! From Brian Carpenter: France and Vietnam vs. China
    Land Reclamation 5 kb Sakhalin Islands Craig Lindemann 1 Scenario From Craig Lindemann, aka Seii Taisho Gun!
    SSI's Taipei 5 kb 1 Scenario 09/30/02 From SSI
    SSI's Volokolamsk Highway 5 kb 1 Scenario 09/30/02 From SSI
    Singapore Under Fire! 5 kb Singapore/Malaysia Jens Cieslak 1 Scenario Requires v. 1.6 or better e-file which you can get below.
    JP's People's General Forum Mark Kirby, Redball This is the world's only support forum for People's General. Please join us and contribute your ideas, suggestions, feedback and comments, game techniques and more!
    Luis Guzman's People's General Site Luis Guzman Luis is one of the great contributors to this game. His tools have made a lot of the work the rest of us have done possible. You can get lots of great new tools for PG2 and PEG at his site.
    Robert Mary's PeG WW2 Site Robert Mary Robert has converted more campaigns than anyone else, making them accessible to all! Lots of great new downloads and PG2 to PEG campaign conversions.
    Wargamer Mario Kroll Support for many great games!
    PeG Brief Guide Stany Brief Strategy Summary
    PeG Strategy Guide Mark Kirby In depth Strategy Summary. Highly enjoyable and informative!
    PeG Game Review Soulblazer Review of Original Game
    PeG FAQs (Questions) Kirby/Sengupta Frequently Asked Questions about People's General
    The Developers Bullet point portfolios of your favorite developers

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