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Here are some strategies for Pacific General. I will add to the list whenever I get time or inspired to add more. If you have any strategies or tips that you would like to add, then please e-mail them to me.

Also see the strategy guides for other games of this series right here at the 5 Star General. Many of the strategies will work across the various games.


Buy the Super Yamato that Steve Strayer has kindly provided in the Armory Equipment File. Use it to shell the city in the center of the island where the worst fighting happens. Buy as many Francis bombers as possible. The Nells and Bettys become useless without an airfield to re-arm.

You don't really need a port city for this scenario since you are hitting the beaches to the north. The reason that you can't buy any more naval units is either because you don't have enough slots (3 total open required for a BB though you may have one or two left over from before) or you don't have enough prestige left.

Your main thrust has to be from the top to the middle of the island where the air base is to the city just to the north of the harbor and then south east to Honolulu. You may have to back up several scenarios to make sure that you arrive at Hawaii with the right force composition. But get one of Steve's Super Yamatos (not just a regular Yamato). I promise you that it will help. You can use it to suppress the American AA units, and then bomb them. Otherwise they will hack up your already weak fighters.


you should almost always be taking elite replacements (or just leave very weakened units off to the side), even in the first few scenarios, so that you can build solid core forces.... Note that it is cheaper to overstrength between scenarios rather than during scenarios.

You may be worried about running out of prestige if you give your core forces elite reinforcements, but you probably won't because the prestige levels are generous.

Ambushing Air Units

One trick that I like to use, especially when playing the AI when it has superior air forces in quantity or units, is the following.

Leave one of your bomber air units within sight of an enemy unit. Cover that bomber with a fighter that is out of sight of any enemy units. Place AA so that it can cover the bomber and one hex around it, but still remain out of sight of any enemy units. When the enemy attacks with his air unit, your fighter will bounce his fighter. And then when it's your turn, you can attack further with your AA. And then if his fighter is weak enough, then you can attack him again with your fighter.

You can use a similar methodology with artillery. Enemy bombers love to go for artillery. Cover it with a hidden fighter and AA.

Note that this is, of course, also helpful even when you have the upper hand.

However, and this is a big caveat, just because you think that your units are hidden doesn't mean that they necessarily are so. He might have a reconnaisance unit or other unit that spots your setup, and he can then turn the tables. Still, this works more often than not.

Use bad weather to surround enemy units that are stronger than yours, and then bring up your own AA as rapidly as possible so that you can hit his fighter(s) with everything you have when the weather gets better again.

Fighter air units build experience generally much faster when they're attacking ground units. The best targets are those in trucks or in rivers!

Narayan Sengupta
October 31, 2001-January 25, 2002

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