What's New in 2007?
Panzer General
Panzer General
Panzer General

What's New at the 5 Star General for 2008

  1. The American Civil War
  2. Battleship Comparison by Robert Veenenberg

What's New at the 5 Star General for 2006-2007

  1. Verdun (13 pages) including Verdun Citadelle, Verdun Ossuary, Fort Douaumont, Fort Vaux, etc.
  2. Cosmetic site improvements such as the nifty new frames around many of the photos and the blue lined paper and new background.
  3. Commander - Europe at War
  4. Commander - Europe at War Screenshots
  5. Panzer General III Update by Tomo Pauk
  6. French Military Victories and ties and losses - 12 pages
  7. Battleship Comparison Guide by NS
  8. People's General Tools - from Luis Guzman and others
  9. People's General 3.0 - from Redball
  10. 5 Star Equipment File, v. 2.3 for Pacific General
  11. Museum of Artillery by Robert Mary
  12. Great Patriotic War Museum by Robert Mary
  13. The world's best collection of Tank photos by Narayan Sengupta
  14. Ardennes American Cemetery by Robert Mary
  15. Vielsalm Memorial by Robert Mary
  16. American Cemetery Margraten, Holland by Robert Mary
  17. American Cemetery Henri-Chapelle, Belgium by Robert Mary
  18. Patton Tank Museum (34 pages) by Narayan Sengupta
  19. Saumur Musee des Blindes (31 pages) by Narayan Sengupta
  20. Aberdeen Proving Grounds (27 pages) by Narayan Sengupta
  21. Museum of Artillery by Robert Mary
  22. Site redesign by Narayan Sengupta.
  23. Cleaned up a bunch of the HTML to make it valid or closer to valid during the migration to the new site design.
  24. A new site banner by Narayan Sengupta.

French Military Victories - Victories and Losses

There are several pages in this section. Please read all of them and let me know what you think.

  1. French military History - Thesis by Narayan Sengupta
  2. French military history - Caesar to Charlemagne to Hugh Capet by Narayan Sengupta
  3. French military history - Crusades to Hundred Years War by Narayan Sengupta
  4. French military history - European Wars by Narayan Sengupta
  5. French military history - American Revolution by Narayan Sengupta
  6. French military history - Napoleonic Wars - French Revolution to War of 1st Coalition by Narayan Sengupta
  7. Napoleonic Wars - War of 2nd Coalition by Narayan Sengupta
  8. Napoleonic Wars - War of 3rd Coalition by Narayan Sengupta
  9. French military history - Napoleonic Wars - 6th and 7th Coalition by Narayan Sengupta
  10. French military history - Franco-Prussian War, WWI, WWII by Narayan Sengupta
  11. French military raids by Narayan Sengupta
  12. French military History References

And from the archives:

  1. What's New for 2005.
  2. What's New for 2004 to 2002.

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