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    File Size Author/Moderator Release Date Notes
    Strategic Command - WWII CAMPAIGNS
    1945 Fall Weiss50 kb Logan Hartke 10/29/03 It's 1945 and Hitler has heeded the advice of his generals and admirals for the past six years. Now, he is ready to unleash the dogs of war. Stalin is already massing forces on the border, eager for any chance to eat up more chunks of Europe and the Middle East to complement his recent conquests of Manchuria, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Numerous Middle Eastern, Scandanavian, and Eastern European nations have seen what Stalin can do and they ally with Hitler seeing him as the less dangerous of two evils. Franco won the Spanish Civil War and he now joins Hitler, hoping to gain a bit of France out of the spoils of war. Mussolini has similar intentions, setting his sights on France, British and French Mediterranean possessions, Yugoslavia, and Greece. Yugoslavia, engaged in a civil war, puts off its internal disputes temporarily to engage the Facist invaders. America recently finished a long war with Japan, pushing the Japanese back to Tokyo unaided (the Japanese decided not declare war on the UK and the USSR saw no reason to intervene until near the end, where she declared war, took what areas of Manchuria she wanted with minimal resistance and stopped) and losing nearly a million men along the way in its costly invasion of Japan. The US wants no part in this war since the Europeans did nothing to help the US. Europe is truly an armed camp with layers of armies on every border. The campaign is a meat-grinder but calls for strategy to win.

    Hitler is finally ready for war. Are you?
    1939 Fall Weiss50 kb Bill Macon 2/4/04
    1940 Fall Gelb50 kb Bill Macon 2/4/04
    1941 Barbarossa50 kb Bill Macon 2/4/04
    Axis and Allies50 kb Cory Vandoremalen 2/4/04
    Kursk - Last Citadel50 kb Cory Vandoremalen 9/4/04 Spring 1943, In the west, Germany strengthens its choke hold on France. To the south, an allied invasion looms. But the greatest threat to Hitler's dream of a Thousand Year Reich lies east, where his forces are pitted in a death match with a Russian enemy willing to pay any price to defend the motherland. Hitler rolls the dice, hurling his best SS forces and his fearsome new weapon, the Mark VI Tiger tank, in a last-ditch summer offensive, code-named Citadel.
    1938 The Gathering Storm50 kb Carl von Mannerheim 10/29/03
    1939 The Turkish Option50 kb Carl von Mannerheim 10/29/03 Following WW1 many islands off the coast of Turkey were given to the italians. When war breaks out in September 1939, France and England are desperate for allies. To enlist the help of Turkey they promise to declare war on Italy. What follows is a battleship war in the Med. culminating in the Franco-Anglo-Turkish-Greco invasion of Italy. Meanwhile however, The allies must be able to hold the line in France or their entire strategy will fall to pieces.
    1942 Vive le Reich50 kb Carl von Mannerheim 10/29/03 1942 Vive le Reich! - Following the fall of France, Germany acts as if there is no war in England, and they also go about winning over the population of France. With the full support of French industry, Germany develops beter weapons. In May 1942, Germany attacks Russia.
    1942 Red Star Rising50 kb Carl von Mannerheim 10/29/03
    1943 Operation Crocodile50 kb Carl von Mannerheim 10/29/03 The Allied armies are poised to liberate Europe, after the Casablanca Conference the Western leaders have decided on a strategy to liberate Europe. This time however, they have decided on Churchill's Soft underbelly strategy (Operation Crocodile). The main thrust will be from the south. The Americans will invade Italy, knocking it out of the war. The British, using bases in the eastern med. will liberate Greece and advance into the balkans. Churchill had also convinced Turkey to enter the conflict on the allied side. The fight will not be easy, by January 1944 the americans should have built up enough troops to invade the Pas-de-Calais region of france (Operation Sledgehammer). And in March The british will land a combined anglo canadian invasion of Norway. This way, germany will be hit from ALL sides at once. The Goal for the Allies is to be home by Christmas 1944.o hold the line in France or their entire strategy will fall to pieces.
    1945 Cry Havoc50 kb Carl von Mannerheim 10/29/03
    1939 Fall Weiss Historicity50 kb DGaad 2/4/04
    1945 Sonnenwende50 kb Fahnenjunker 2/4/04
    1939 Italian Pre-War Mobilization50 kb Immer Etwas 2/4/04
    1944 Ardennes Offensive50 kb Jay Jay H 2/4/04
    1939 World War Corps50 kb Jeff Pinard 2/4/04
    1939 Brest Litovsk Aftermath50 kb Jersey John 2/4/04
    1939 Fall Weiss JJ Adaptation50 kb Jersey John 2/4/04
    1942 Z Plan50 kb Jersey John 2/4/04
    1943 North American Bastion50 kb Narayan Sengupta 08/29/03 North American Bastion is a hypothetical campaign based on a plausible situation. In this world gone mad, Germany's Operation Sealion invasion of England has defied all odds and actually worked. And then, even more stunning, Germany has just finished conquering off Russia, though at great cost. German units at the eastern cusp of the Ostfront are licking their wounds in the Urals around Sverdlovsk. The Italians have turned the Mediterranean into their dreamed about Mare Nostrum. And in the Pacific, the U.S., China, Australia and friends have managed to back the Japanese back to the mainland and settled up with them at the peace table.

    The Canadians, having lost their Mother Country of the United Kingdom to the Germans, has aligned itself directly with the United States, with Canadian units fighting directly under the American and Canadian flags. They are joined by several units of the Free French and Free UK.
    1939 Fall Weiss Revisited, v 2.g50 kb Narayan Sengupta 08/29/03 Many units are under construction, and are represented as such by being very much understrength. It is your job to build them up if you feel it necessary, or to leave them to languish and never be completed as often happened during the war when priorities changed. There are also older units (many older battleships, for example), and they are also understrength (typically in around 5 or 6 strength).

    The French OOB is now much more accurate, since I have added all of the Armies that were actually present at the outbreak of the war, General Bilotte, three French Air Wings, and a small reserve armor corps representing the three DLMs - the world's first armored divisions. But all of the French armies are rated at between 2 to 4 representing how understrength they were when the war broke out. It is up to you to try to make them up to full strength in time for the German onslaught. Chances are you won't. Instead of being able to delay the German AI indefinitely (I can usually do it for a year or more with the stock campaign), France will probably fall within a historically consistent six weeks.

    Ditto with Poland. Its units have been decreased in strength, also to reflect issues in mobilization. Good luck holding on to Poland for more than two turns.

    I have also done this with the other nations that are activated. I have added just about every ship that was either commissioned or under construction in September, 1939. So the Bismarck, Tirpitz and Graf Zeppelin are all represented, but at varying strengths (4, 2, 1 respectively) representing where they were in the construction cycle.

    Germany: Bismarck, Tirpitz, Graf Zeppelin*, Scharnhorst, Gniesenau, Prinz Eugen, Hipper/Blucher, Graf Spee and several submarines (nine wolf packs in all of varying strength under construction), more air units, more land units.

    France: Bearn, Jean Bart, Lorraine, Bretagne, and several other battleships and one submarine, Armies 1 through 9, General Bilotte, etc.

    UK: Prince of Wales, King George V, Howe, Anson, Duke of York, Rodney, Nelson, Repulse, Renown, Hood, Malaya, Queen Elizabeth, Valiant, Warspite, Barham, Revenge, Royal Oak, Resolution, Ramillies, Royal Sovereign, Illustrious, Eagle, Hermes, Furious, Ark Royal, Victorious, Courageous, various other battleships and carriers, Fighter Commands 10 through 13, etc.
    1939 Total War 45 kb Narayan Sengupta This is the first custom campaign EVER for Strategic Command.

    In this alternative WWII history, the war has already been going strong for a year or two. Germany has done well, already extending its grip over Austria and Czechoslovakia. Poland, Denmark, Norway and Yugoslavia have all been conquered, and the conquest of both the Low Countries and mighty France may be just moments away with German troops in outskirts of Paris already in sight of the Eiffel Tower. Sweden has sucumbed to Germany diplomatic pressure and reluctantly joined the Third Reich. Finland has done so voluntarily.

    Germany has finally arranged for the Bismarck, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau to be together hiding in the fiords of Norway, and the Tirpitz is in its final states of construction, ready to join them if possible. German wolf packs are in the Atlantic and the Baltic, and are ready to inflict as much damage as possible.

    Finally German troops have crossed the frontier into Russia jumping off with utter violence and making excellent headway.
    1942 Bite of the Bulldog95 kb Narayan Sengupta 09/19/02 Two variations of can the British defeat mighty Germany one on one? The second campaign is harder. The Bite of the Bulldog is a hypothetical campaign based on a plausible situation. In this world gone mad, Germany's Operation Amerika invasion of the USA has defied all odds and actually worked. And previously, just as stunning, Germany has just finished conquering off Russia, though at great cost. German units at the eastern cusp of the Ostfront have already mostly been redeployed to Germany, though a few have been left behind in occupation duties.

    So now it is a war between England, Canada, Greece, Iraq, Egypt, and North African and Middle Eastern parts of Vichy France. Vichy has joined England after the German tanks massed on its borders and started rolling south toward the great naval base of Toulon. Most of the French fleet was successfully scuttled, but the Strasbourg and the partially completed carrier Joffre were captured. The Germans have also captured the semi-useless 23,000 ton Marat from the Soviets. And while the Graf Spee and the Bismarck both rest in watery graves of the Atlantic, the German Kriegsmarine is at an all-time high in strength. Various Wolf Packs of Type VII submarines are complemented on the surface by the mighty Tirpitz, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Strasbourg as well as the lesser vessels such as the Prinz Eugen, Admiral Scheer, Admiral Hipper and the Lutzow. The Graf Zeppelin is being refitted in the captured American port of Norfolk and should be ready to sail at any moment.

    While all looks lost for England, this is not necessarily so. The German Waffen SS units have all been destroyed or depleted to the point of being disbanded on the bitter fighting on the Ostfront. OKH and Adolf Hitler have ensured that all of the great German victories have been attained through a short-term war with almost no emphasis placed on research. In contrast, England has fared well, placing most of its resources into research, and has emerged with a well oiled industry capable of turning out Spitfires, Gloster Meteors, Mosquitos and Lancasters in the air, heavy Comet and Challenger tanks on the ground, and the greatest aircraft carriers to rule the seas.
    1943 American Arsenal45 kb Narayan Sengupta 09/19/02 Can the U.S. defeat mighty Germany one on one? This is a war mainly of two large superpowers, a harbinger of things to come a decade later in real life, albeit between two different superpowers.

    The American Arsenal is growing by leaps and bounds. Already her Industrial Might is producing at full clip. The new B-17s, B-24s, B-25s are coming off of the production lines in record numbers. Her fighter squadrons are well equipped and fleshed out with long range P-38s, P-51s and P-47s. Five new Essex class carriers including the Essex, Intrepid and Ticonderoga, have been redeployed from the Pacific Theater. The Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri and New Jersey have joined the four South Dakota class battleships to make a fast, hard punching, fearsome fleet. It will be up to America to liberate Europe. It will be up to you to decide how.

    As the Germans, it is up to you to figure out how to defeat the small American armies that are guarded by a great force of naval and air power.
    Quick Links: WW II - World War III / Cold War - WW I - Utilities, Graphic Upgrades, etc. - Top
    Strategic Command - WORLD WAR III / COLD WAR CAMPAIGNS
    1985 Red Inferno Resurgent945 kb Narayan Sengupta 05/15/04 The Cold War is unleashed for you with new graphics, NS Nomenclature and more. This campaign is a frightening depiction of the Cold War that echoes Sir John Hackett's "The Third World War" as well as Tom Clancey's "Red Storm Rising". I have used references such as the "The Cold War - A Military History", "Atlas of American History", "The Enclyopedia of World Sea Power", and other sources on Cold War History to make this campaign as historically accurate as I know how to do at this point.

    Many units are understrength, depicting typical peace-time combat strengths and OOBs that are usually brought up to strength during combat. It is your job to build them up if you feel it necessary. Ships vary considerably in strength, not because they are under construction, as I did in my most recent "1939 Fall Weiss Revisited", but because ships of different navies vary considerably, and it was the best way to show this. A 3500 ton cruiser just isn't as good as an 11000 one.

    Radovan Nesic has taken my primitive graphic mods, gutted them, and made them really outstanding. I have also used some of Logan Hartke's beautiful rocket launchers, many of his tanks and several of his bombers. The graphics should now be compatible with any Cold War campaign, including Carl Von Mannerheim's excellent "1962 Red October" Cold War campaign (which directly inspired this one). You may also wish to get Logan Hartke's beautiful Cold War Icon Pack (see below).

    I have added just about every aircraft carrier, battleship, battlecruiser, cruiser, destroyer, nuclear or diesel submarine that was in service in 1985. I have added land units and air units for all of the countries involved, as appropriate. So even Algeria, for example, has armies and an air fleet. At the start of this campaign, there are approximately 65 NATO and 60 Warsaw Pact naval units - some representing up to 10 ships each - giving approximately 250 ships total.

    There are approximately 40 air units at the start of the campaign. You'll also get strategic bombers, tactical air forces representing F-16s, F-15s, Mirages, Tornados, MiG-23s, MiG-25s, MiG-27s, B-52s, Vulcans and more.

    And there are probably about 130 land units to start off with. Even the Pershing IIs and SS-12bs are represented here.
    1962 Red October50 kb Carl von Mannerheim 10/29/03 This is the first Cold War campaign and the one that inspired my own. If you haven't already tried it, you'll really like Carl's work.
    Quick Links: WW II - World War III / Cold War - WW I - Utilities, Graphic Upgrades, etc. - Top
    Strategic Command - WWI CAMPAIGNS
    1914 Guns of August v112b50 kb Carl von Mannerheim 10/29/03 When asked what would start the next great European war, Otto von Bismark replied: "Some Damned Little thing in the Balkans." On June 28th, 1914, Arch Duke Ferdinad of Austria was killed in Serijevo by Serbian Nationalists. Austro-Hungary announces it will crush the Serbians through military action. Russia announces it will come to the aide of it's Slavic cousins. Germany, announces it will stand beside Austro-Hungary in it's struggle with Russia. France, bound by Treaty, comes to the Aide of Russia. Upon the German violation of Belgian Neutrality, Britain Declares war on Germany. The War to end all Wars has begun........
    The Great War50 kb Blashy 06/11/04
    1914 WWI: The Guns of August45 kb Narayan Sengupta 07/19/03 COMING SOON... World War I is unleashed for you with new graphics, NS Nomenclature and more.
    Quick Links: WW II - World War III / Cold War - WW I - Utilities, Graphic Upgrades, etc. - Top
    Strategic Command - UTILITIES, GRAPHICS and ICONS
    Chris Hare's Icons Chris Hare 08/06/02 Upgraded Icon Pack
    Logan Hartke's WWII Icon Pack Logan Hartke 10/29/02 Upgraded Icon Pack WWII Bitmaps - 6 versions - EVERYTHING changed. I changed all of the aircraft, ships, tanks, some of the HQs, and rockets. a) BT/T-34/T-44 tanks for USSR b) BT/T-34/T-44 tanks w/ small roadwheels for USSR (someone said that the big roadwheels common to the Christie-inspired tanks looked too blocky, so I gave them little KV roadwheels) c) KV/IS tanks for USSR d) BT/T-34/T-44 tanks for USSR and railguns instead of rockets for all countries e) BT/T-34/T-44 tanks w/ small roadwheels for USSR and railguns instead of rockets for all countries f) KV/IS tanks for USSR and railguns instead of rockets for all countries
    Logan Hartke's Cold War Icon Pack Logan Hartke 10/29/02 Upgraded Icon Pack for various Cold War Campaigns.
    Quick Links: WW II - World War III / Cold War - WW I - Utilities, Graphic Upgrades, etc. - Top
    Chris Hare's SC Site Chris Hare 08/06/02

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