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Smyrna, Georgia

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Smyrna, Georgia welcomes you!

Here are some statistics and facts about Smyrna.

Smyrna Facts

  • Smyrna is known as the jonquil city because of the thousands of jonquils that bloom here every year.
  • Smyrna's altitude is 1,150 above sea level according to the city site. My GPS readings come close to this. You won't be able to tell just by looking around, though, since the city sits in surrounded by forest and appears in many ways to be located in one.
  • Smyrna is connected by Cobb County Transport, I-75 and I-285 as well as several other corridors to Atlanta and the rest of the south-east.
  • Smyrna is 22 minutes away from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the world's busiest airport.
  • Smyrna's average temperature is 61.4 degrees. But don't let the average fool you: it's really hot in the summer, getting up into the 100 degree level quite often. And it's humid too. Then again, air conditioning offsets that for the most part. :)
  • Cobb Parkway (US-41) goes all the way up to Miami in the south and Canada in the north. It's called Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.
  • Julia Roberts is Smyrna's most famous person. She was from Atlanta originally. Her brother Eric Roberts is also from here.
  • The land that Smyrna sits on was part of the Cherokee Nation until 1832.
  • The first church was here in 1832.
  • A meeting spot was established here in 1833.
  • The railroad that currently runs through Smyrna was authorized in 1836, even before the founding of Atlanta. I'm not sure when it was actually built, however.
  • Smyrna Memorial Cemetary was founded in 1838.
  • The Gann house is Smyrna's oldest and dates to 1841.

Smyrna Statistics

  • Smyrna's population is about 50,000.
  • Smyrna's population was about 200 in 1900.
  • Smyrna's population was about 35,000 in 1995.
  • Smyrna has two zip codes: 30080 and 30082.
  • Smyrna' median income is $50,900 - about $5,500 above Atlanta's.
  • Smyrna's median home/condo value is $172,000 in 2005. It was $129,700 in 2000.
  • Home Depot is headquartered just outside of Smyrna.
  • IBM, UPS, Atlantic Envelope and other large firms have buildings in Smyrna.

Smyrna Awards

  • Smyrna has been recognized as a Tree City USA Community by The National Arbor Day Foundation
  • Smyrna has received the Urban Land Institute's Award for Excellence

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