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Smyrna, Georgia

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Smyrna, Georgia welcomes you! You'll be delighted to live in Smyrna. It has probably everything you could ever want other than snow capped mountains and the beach. Okay, if that is what you want, then you might be disappointed. But other than that, Smyrna is a wonderful place.

There are a lot of Smyrnas. Here are some of the ones I can think of.

They are all named after Izmir, Turkey. Or rather Izmir's previous name which was Smyrna, going back to the times of the ancient Greeks. Ironically, Izmir/Smyrna is a beach town.

Here are some resources which you will find helpful if you are moving to Smyrna.

Resources for Moving To Smyrna

Natural Gas Rates
Gasoline Prices
Smyrna Health Insurance*
Smyrna, Georgia city website
Smyrna - City Services
Apartments in Smyrna
Smyrna Market Village
American Legion Post 160 Smyrna
Debbie Queen - Real Estate Agent*
Driver's License Renewal, address change, etc.
Vehicle Registration

Smyrna's Business Resources

Smyrna Business Association**
Smyrna Business Exchange**
Smyrna Rotary Club**
NFI - Web Developers***

Educational Resources in Smyrna

Smyrna Library
Smyrna Events
Smyrna History

Smyrna's Business and Humanitarian Organizations

Smyrna Rotary Club**
Smyrna Kiwanis Club
Google Map of Smyrna, Georgia

Smyrna, Georgia Government

Smyrna Police
Smyrna Fire Department
Smyrna, Georgia

Other Cities Named Smyrna

Smyrna (Izmir, Turkey)
Smyrna, Delaware
Smyrna, Tennessee

I have provided the links as a resource to anyone interested. None of have paid to be listed here, however several are personal friends and/or people whose services I have used. I have denoted them with an "*". Also as a disclaimer I belong to several of the organizations listed below and have denoted them with "**". Finally, NFI is my company. It's the one listed under Web Developers. I've marked it with "***".

Smyrna Pages (on this site)