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Travel 101 is a set of Travel Guides and travel photos to help you plan trips around the world. It's also anything I can contribute to the world, ha, ha! You'll find rants, opinions, ideas, stories, new words, anecdotes, art, travel guides and travel photography of the USA, France, India, Canada, etc. I am always looking for content from others. So if you have any, e-mail me along with your name and how I can contact you if I have any questions, and I'll add your Travel Guide with credit to you.

Many thanks to Renee Galligher for her great campgrounds in Banff National Park article and also Dr. James Carren for his New York photos. Here is more stuff you'll love reading:

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I have created a new site as a tribute to the first American combat pilots - Eddie Rickenbacker, Frank Luke, Quentin Roosevelt, America's first African-American pilot Eugene Bullard and others... Please see And here is another one I've made for the American Expeditionary Force in World War I. And finally here is my new Korean War site (very much a work in progress): 60th Anniversary of the Korean War. My main history site is the 5 Star General.


Narayan, October 6, 2015

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