Korean War - 60th Anniversary of the Korean War


This 60th Anniversary of the Korean War primer is in honor of all of those who fought in the Korean War. In some respects, this is even in honor of the sacrifices of the enemy forces as well. But most of all, it is to all of those who served in the American military during those three years, one month and two days who may have heard that their war is "the forgotten war" and thus by implication that their honor and valor, against great odds in numbers, machinery and logistics, has also been forgotten. This war has not been forgotten, and neither have you. This is not for our leaders - political or military - whose names we still know, but for the hundreds of thousands of soldiers whom we don't know. It is for the 35,000 dead Americans who sacrificed themselves before their young lives really even got off the ground.

It is to remind the rest of us who do enjoy the benefits of American society how fortunate we are to not have to put ourselves in harm’s way. It is to ask us to reflect upon those who have and why. At some point, I hope to be able to start collecting first person narratives to publish them here as well to increase awareness of what men went through to stave off utter disaster for South Korea and for our forces.

Narayan Sengupta

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